How to Dehydrate Radishes

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How to dehydrate radishes.

original photo by the Italian voice via Flickr

Here a while back, we received two bunches of radishes in our Bountiful Basket.

Now, maybe on a good week I’ll use a bunch of radishes when making hamburger stew (recipe coming soon). . . but I just can’t imagine myself going through two bunches of radishes before the next basket pick-up.

What’s a girl to do?

You got it. You can dehydrate radishes! Of course, it’s super easy, otherwise I wouldn’t do it. I’ll show you how!

You Will Need:

  • radishes
  • dehydrator (I love my Excalibur but any will get the job done!)
  • cutting board
  • knife
  • fruit and veggie wash, or vinegar and water will also work

Prepare Your Prep Area

The first thing you will need to do is start with a clean prep area. I love using a vinegar water spray for this.

Clean your countertops, your faucet, and even your dehydrator cover. Just anything you might have to touch while preparing to dehydrate. Clean is king in dehydrating! <—That just came out of nowhere. I’ll be around all day, folks.

Wash Your Radishes

Your sweet little red radishes need to be washed and ready for their dehydrator debut. Rinse them under running water, and for good measure, either spray them with veggie wash, or soak them in a bowl full of water with about 1/2 cup vinegar added – for several minutes.

Start Slicing

Now that they’re good and clean, you can start by holding the radish by the stem with the opposite hand you use for cutting. It makes a nice little handle on these tiny little veggies.

Now slice off that little rat tail. You can compost it if you want. But keep in mind you can dehydrate that piece along with the rest and just add it to your Undercover Veggie Powder. I won’t tell anyone, I promise.


How to dehydrate radishes.


Continue slicing until you’re at the end of the radish. Repeat this process on the rest of your batch.


How to dehydrate radishes.


Lay your radish coins on your dehydrator like so.

(You might be wondering why some of my radishes are cut in half. In the name of keeping it real I want to disclose that, at first, I chopped both ends off the radish and sliced it in half, much like I would do an onion. It took all of five seconds for me to realize that was an idiotic thing to do and I nearly sliced my fingers. Don’t do that!)


How to dehydrate radishes.


Set It and Forget It

If your dehydrator has a temperature setting, set it at 135 degrees, until slices are hard and crisp. I usually dehydrate radishes overnight.

Here’s a tip: roll up the mesh into a cylinder and the dried radishes will pop right off.

Save your radishes in an airtight container away from light. (I use this FoodSaver attachment with my FoodSaver to get an airtight seal on canning jars.)

You can also blend them into vegetable powder.

Give yourself a pat on the back. You preserved your radishes, and they’ll patiently wait for you until you’re ready to use them.

High five!


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  1. Thank you for this! But I’m new to dehydrating and was curious what you’d use these in later. Would you then put these into your soup you mentioned? Or do you eat them like chips? I have a ton of radishes right now and need to do something with them as well. Thanks!

    • You could definitely use them for soup later. You could grind them into a powder to add a radish flavor to anything (dips, etc.) – store in an airtight container. Radish chips would be awesome! That’s a great idea!


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