7 Best Natural Toners for Sensitive Skin

Toners are a must-have element of any skincare regime as it helps tighten your pores after cleansing. However, store-bought toners contain harsh chemicals that might irritate your skin, especially when your skin is sensitive.

So, why not use toners made from natural ingredients to keep your skin healthy and radiant?

To help you find the best natural toner for sensitive skin, we will share some natural ingredients that you can use as toners. But first, we will discover why you should use natural toners instead of synthetic ones. Let’s dive into the details without any further delay.


Why Use Natural Toner?

Many beauty experts consider cleansing, toning, and moisturizing (CTM) the most important skincare routine to maintain healthy skin. Unfortunately, a lot of people skip toning, believing it to be an unimportant skincare step.

They couldn’t be more wrong. Most people aren’t aware of the wonders facial toners can bring to their skin.

Before moving toward the list of natural toners, check out their skin benefits.

1. Toners Remove Makeup and Dirt

Toners are known to remove excess oil, dirt, leftover makeup, and dead cells from your skin. If you regularly use a toner after cleansing your skin, you are less likely to have acne breakouts and blocked pores. 

Also, after cleansing, it is crucial to use natural face toner to shrink the pores and prepare your skin for moisturizing.

2. Protects and Moisturizes Skin

Environmental elements can damage your skin. Once the dirt and pollution penetrate the skin, you get prone to skin problems. At such times, spritzing your face with natural toner can refresh your skin, remove dirt and form a protective layer to keep your skin feeling healthy and vibrant.

Lastly, regular toning keeps your skin well hydrated and moisturized. It retains the moisture in your skin, leaving it supple, soft, and tight.

3. Balances Skin’s pH Level

The busy routine of your modern life spares you with little to no time for washing your face after every hour or two. As a result, many acidic pollutants build up on the face, decreasing the skin’s pH. When your skin pH levels are balanced, it strengthens your skin barrier function and helps keep the moisture locked in the skin. 

Natural toners balance your skin’s pH levels without drying your skin. However, steer clear of the toners with harsh chemicals and high alcohol as they can strip your skin of moisture.

That’s how wonderful toning is for your skin. Now, let’s move to the 7 best natural toners you can easily make at home.

7 Natural Toners for Sensitive Skin

Finding the right toner for your skin routine is a challenge. Therefore, it is better to make DIY toners that are free of chemicals. So, after long research, we have come up with 7 natural ingredients you can use to make natural toners for all skin types.

Do you have a toner recipe for your skin type? If not, there is nothing to worry about. I have got some great DIY recipes to help you tone your sensitive skin.

1. Aloe Vera 

Using Aloe Vera as a natural toner will never disappoint you. It helps keep your skin fresh, hydrated, and bright. It has a calming effect and helps soothe the skin for a longer time.

Cut aloe vera

As aloe vera has antibacterial properties, it protects your skin from sunburns and keeps pimples at bay.

Lastly, research shows that that aloe vera moisturizes and heals cracked skin and wounds. As aloe vera has numerous beauty and health benefits, it won’t be wrong to call it a magic ingredient. 

Rose and Aloe Vera Toner Recipe

To make DIY face toner for sensitive skin, you will need

You need to take an aloe leaf and extract fresh aloe gel. Take 1/2 cup of rose water and an equal amount of aloe gel and mix them well with an immersion blender. Once the toner is ready, strain and pour it into a spray bottle. Shake well before spritzing your face with it. 

Rose Hydrosol is a Natural Facial Cleansers

It works wonders on dry skin. Not only that but if you have sensitive skin, there is nothing better than this facial toner for sensitive skin.

2. Cucumber 

The cool and refreshing cucumber is the next natural ingredient actively categorized as one of the best natural toners. What can better prove its super hydrating power than its composition, which contains 96% water?

Cucumber has a calming effect on your skin, so you can use it to make a fantastic toner for any skin type. It will make your face appear fresh, smooth, and rejuvenated. It also reduces the puffiness of the skin. Just apply cucumber toner twice a day to soothe your skin. 

It doesn’t cause any irritation or acne, so you can use it without worrying about any side effects as it has none.

Cucumber Toner Recipe

Take a cucumber of small size, peel it, and chop it into small cubes or slices. Take the food processor out, blend the cucumber cubes, and drain the liquid through a sieve. 

Viola! Your DIY toner is ready for use. It is best for irritated skin because of its soothing properties.

3. Rosewater

If you have sensitive skin, using a rosewater toner will do wonders for your skin. It is full of antioxidants and antibacterial agents that keep acne at bay. 

Moreover, the founder of Apoterra Skincare, Dominique Caron, claims that rosewater improves our skin’s barrier function and locks the water in the skin, preventing transdermal water loss. Secondly, since the level of active ingredients is reasonably less, it is gentle on the skin.

Rose Water Toner Recipe

Take one tablespoon of rosewater and add one tablespoon of witch hazel extract (a natural one). Combine them thoroughly and spray the rosewater toner over your face to clean it of impurities. It will leave your skin looking as fresh and pleasant as roses.

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4. Parsley Water

parsley leaf makes a great natural toner

Parsley leaves are specifically rich in vitamin C, which produces collagen, and vitamin K. Both elements help reduce dark spots, remove blemishes, and help form a protective layer against environmental pollutants. 

Moreover, a parsley toner is best for oily skin as it controls sebum production and reduces skin concerns like pigmentation. Natural toners work for all skin types, whether normal or oily skin.

Parsley Water Toner Recipe

To make a parsley toner, take about 10 leaves of parsley and boil them. Add a tablespoon of witch hazel extract and allow it to cool overnight. 

In the morning, filter the solution, remove the leaves, and your toner is ready. Fill your spray bottle with this toner and use it as a daily makeup product to prime your skin or after cleansing. It is one of the best DIY toners that you can use for up to 2 weeks.

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5. Fennel Toner

Another ingredient that is present in everyone’s kitchen is fennel. Surprisingly, it is equally remarkable for your skin as it is for your health. Using fennel toner can rejuvenate and even out the texture of your skin.

Bottle of fennel essential oil. fennel oil can be used in natural toner

It not only eliminates the dead skin cells, but removes all the blackheads, reduces puffiness, decreases inflammation, tightens skin, and diminishes wrinkles. The fennel seeds have anethole which is an effective anti-inflammatory compound.

Moreover, antioxidants like quercetin are present in large amounts that prevent the degenerative reactions in light, thus keeping the appearance of fine lines at bay.

Fennel Toner Recipe 

To make fennel toner at home, follow these steps: 

  1. Take a handful of fennel seeds and boil them in 1 cup of water.
  2. Boil for 5 to 7 minutes, and then let it cool to room temperature.
  3. Infuse a few drops of fennel oil into the fennel water, and pour it into a bottle. 

There you go, the aromatic and soothing fennel toner is ready. Use it every day to enhance your skin health.

6. Rice Water

Bowl of white rice.

Rice water is popularly used worldwide to tighten the skin and give it a youthful glow. It contains vitamin E, antioxidants, and Ferulic acid that brightens and tightens your skin. Also, rice water helps protect your skin from environmental damage. A study conducted in 2016 showed that it protects your skin against harmful sun rays. 

Therefore, rice water toner is a go-to natural toner as it acts as an anti-aging agent and shields your skin from environmental damage. 

Rice Water Toner Recipe

To make rice water toner, take half a cup of rice, 1 bowl of aloe vera gel, and 2 teaspoons of rosewater.

Now boil rice in water to obtain rice water. Add aloe vera gel and mix thoroughly. Finally, add 2 teaspoons of rose water and apply it to your skin to make it appear attractive.

7. Green Tea Toner

Usually, we drink green tea to induce fast weight loss, but you will be amazed to find out the other benefits it offers. If you have acne-prone skin and looking to get rid of acne scars, you just found a miracle toner to get rid of acne blemishes.

matcha green tea

Green tea extract is packed with antioxidants and acts as an anti-aging agent that slows down skin aging. Its anti-inflammatory properties can soothe symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea.

Green Tea Toner Recipe

Making green tea toner is simple. You have to boil 120 ml of water and add a teaspoon of green tea leaves. If leaves are unavailable, you can use a green tea bag and put it in the boiling water. Let it simmer. Once the toner is ready, let it cool down. That’s it!

Are DIY Toners Worth it?

DIY toners made from natural ingredients can do wonders for sensitive skin. Not only that, but they are equally good for dry skin or oily skin. They are loaded with skin healing properties and are 100 percent worth the hype.


Adding a natural toner to your skincare regime is necessary to help you look your best. However, choosing the right toner according to your skin type is crucial. A universal rule is to always opt for natural toners that are free of chemicals to sustain your skin health. 

Now that you found some of the most beneficial natural skin toners for sensitive skin, you can make any of these at home. Spritz your face with them every day, and see the difference!

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