The No Poo Method Ebook Review

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Hello there, lovelies!!

I’m here to talk some more natural hair care with you. Did you happen to catch my Essential Oils for Hair Care Webinar? I hope it helped you in some way.

I have talked about no poo and natural hair care on my blog many times. I have a whole section on Natural Hair Care that you can access here. And I get a ton of questions about it.

I love answering the questions, because I had SO many questions when I first started. It was like learning a whole new skill set.

I’m so excited that my friend Ashlee (from The Crunchy Moose and The No Poo Method) has done what really needed to be done – she wrote an ebook about the no poo method of hair care!

Ashlee answers all the questions that I get asked and more. If you have questions about no poo, this is your guide!

Since I started the no poo method, my hair is thicker, shinier, healthier, has more volume, and grows faster. As long as I can help it, I will never go back to commercial hair products again. My hair is just so much better.

Your no poo hair questions answered!

What’s Included?

The No Poo Method Ebook includes:
• 75+ pages of content
• 18 chapters
• Over 20 DIY recipes
• Full color
• Step-by-step guides
• Hyperlinked table of contents for easy navigation
• Trouble-shooting tips and answers to frequently asked questions
• In-depth info on lots of different no poo methods
• TWO bonus gifts! A Getting Started Guide to help you determine the best no poo methods for your hair type and a 20-minute Getting Started Video Guide!

Topics Covered

In The No Poo Method Ebook Ashlee talks about:
• What is “No Poo” and why would anyone do it?
• Toxins in commercial hair products
• How to get started & the dreaded transition phase
• Finding your hair type, including porosity, density, texture, and curl pattern
• How to formulate pH balanced recipes
• Deep conditioning, essential oils, and nutrition
• A detailed shopping list

All that, and so much more. I think you’ll love it!



P.S. I love recommending products and techniques that have helped me, and that I think would help you in your natural hair care journey. Be sure to check this one out!

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