The No Poo Method Ebook Review

Hello there, lovelies!!

I’m here to talk some more natural hair care with you. Did you happen to catch my Essential Oils for Hair Care Webinar? I hope it helped you in some way.

I have talked about no poo and natural hair care on my blog many times. I have a whole section on Natural Hair Care that you can access here. And I get a ton of questions about it.

I love answering the questions, because I had SO many questions when I first started. It was like learning a whole new skill set.

I’m so excited that my friend Ashlee (from The Crunchy Moose and The No Poo Method) has done what really needed to be done – she wrote an ebook about the no poo method of hair care!

Ashlee answers all the questions that I get asked and more. If you have questions about no poo, this is your guide!

Since I started the no poo method, my hair is thicker, shinier, healthier, has more volume, and grows faster. As long as I can help it, I will never go back to commercial hair products again. My hair is just so much better.

Your no poo hair questions answered!

What’s Included?

The No Poo Method Ebook includes:
• 75+ pages of content
• 18 chapters
• Over 20 DIY recipes
• Full color
• Step-by-step guides
• Hyperlinked table of contents for easy navigation
• Trouble-shooting tips and answers to frequently asked questions
• In-depth info on lots of different no poo methods
• TWO bonus gifts! A Getting Started Guide to help you determine the best no poo methods for your hair type and a 20-minute Getting Started Video Guide!

Topics Covered

In The No Poo Method Ebook Ashlee talks about:
• What is “No Poo” and why would anyone do it?
• Toxins in commercial hair products
• How to get started & the dreaded transition phase
• Finding your hair type, including porosity, density, texture, and curl pattern
• How to formulate pH balanced recipes
• Deep conditioning, essential oils, and nutrition
• A detailed shopping list

All that, and so much more. I think you’ll love it!



P.S. I love recommending products and techniques that have helped me, and that I think would help you in your natural hair care journey. Be sure to check this one out!

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