Friday Fast Fix: 30-Second Lego Cleanup

How to clean up LEGOS in 30 seconds...
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Today’s Fast Fix is a necessity in any Lego-lover’s home. We all love those miniature bricks, right? And yet, I haven’t heard a mother exclaim yet how much she loves the gigantic mess that comes along with Legos.


So I devised a solution. The children are welcome to play Legos, and even dump them all out! As long as they dump them on one of our living room throws, which is usually a medium-sized fleece blanket.


This blanket is key to a truly fast Lego cleanup – I timed it at thirty seconds. It is easy enough for my six-year-old to manage by himself, but even if your little Lego lovers are too young to do this, you can rest assured that your cleanup job will be forevermore simplified.


Here’s the demonstration:



You will notice, this sweet six-year-old likes to pick them up by folding each side over and carrying it to the box; it’s easier for him to clean them up this way. When I clean them up, since I’m taller, I usually just grab the four corners, lift them all, drop them in the Lego box and slowly extract the blanket. Whatever you prefer. πŸ™‚


Have a happy Friday.


Peace, love, and  of course, Legos,



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  1. We still don’t have “little Legos” yet, but we will definitely try this once we do! Thanks for figuring out the details of this dilemma for us! πŸ™‚


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