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  1. Which Essential Oils do you use for total hair growth. I did lose it all. I have DoTerra’s Physicians Kit plus Thyme, Lemon Grass, ClaryCalm, Marjorum & Slim & Sassy. Just learning about it all.

  2. I used hair dyes before w/ no problem then I used LOREAL ROOTS RESCUE& all was good till next time I used LOREAL ROOTS RESCUE I told myself I was gonna save money so. don’t judge me now ok so I used the roots rescue all over my head.
    Needless to say for w months now going on 3 months I’ve had the most agonizing itch all over my head and back of my neck.Ok I went to Dr.after 1 month &was diagnosed w/ Allergic reaction to product.I was given a prescription for Brown shampoo I was to leave on my head for 3 minutes.Also was told to buy Benadryl& cortazone cream for my neck.
    Well n o thing is working or helping EXCEPT what my husband told me which is APPLE CIDER VINAGER.WOW! I mixed it half water &half water & guess what I can go 2 full day’s w/out any itch.However still I have NO CURE YET! If anyone can HELP I’d be so appreciative.
    Sooooo ITCHY,
    Fatima Azam


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