Cell Salts: The Easy Homeopathy

Cell Salts: What are they? Why should I be taking them?

When a member of my family starts running a fever. . .

When I wake up with a headache. . .

When a little one is teething. . .

When someone starts sniffling and gets a runny nose. . .

When I stayed up too late working on blog posts. . .

When my son has growing pains. . .

When I feel extra tension in my neck and back. . .

Essentially, for every ailment in my household, there is one place I will turn to first. I will run, and not walk, to my set of Schuessler cell salts, also known as “tissue salts”. I’ll head to my laptop and do a search for “cell salts + [whatever ailment I’m wanting to alleviate]” and select the ones that seem to be the best fit.

And you know what? They work for our family. They are inexpensive. They don’t require a trip to the doctor’s office. They can be easily obtained at our local health grocer or online. What’s best of all? They’re safe for our whole family.


What are Cell Salts?

Cell salts were discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler, a German doctor, in the late 1800s. He discovered by studying the ash residue of human cells that there were 12 mineral salts in these cells. He theorized that many diseases and maladies were actually caused by mineral imbalances within the body (a lack of these necessary minerals), and that by administering these salts over a period of time, the body would be brought back into balance.

These 12 minerals are essential to our bodies. They are given in homeopathic form and work at the cellular level (“cell” salts). They are absorbed by your mucous membranes and not the digestive system, which is often faulty and has trouble with absorption.

Who Can Take Cell Salts?

Anyone can take tissue salts without fear of toxicity. They do not interfere with medication because they are absorbed at a cellular level and not a digestive level. They are safe for babies, children, pregnant and nursing mothers, adults, and the elderly. They are also safe for pets!

Cell salts are an easier way to navigate treating ailments than traditional homeopathy – which absolutely has its merits. Whereas there are many, many homeopathic formulations in existence, cell salts are kept to 12 basic salts and easier to memorize. (Although, there are 15 additional salts that were later discovered; here we are just sticking to the 12 original.)

Cell Salts: Learn more about what they are and why you should take them.

How Do I Take Cell Salts?

Cell salts are generally taken 3-4 tablets, 4 times a day. The probability is much greater for success if you keep taking them frequently as suggested instead of sporadically.

For acute symptoms, you can take 1 tablet every few minutes or up to every hour. The good thing is, you can be very flexible depending on the situation.

Cell salts are generally taken in the 6X potency.

Please note: I am simply a mother who treats my family using cell salts. I cannot make diagnoses for you. I am not a medical professional and I can’t claim that cell salts heal diseases. I encourage you to research cell salts on your own. If you dig deep enough, there is a plethora of golden information on cell salts available at your fingertips.

What are the 12 Cell Salts?

Schuessler salts are numbered one to twelve, except there is a catch: in America, they are referenced with different numbers than they are in Europe! So if you are learning more about cell salts or ordering cell salts, make sure to verify the salt you are looking into – go by the name if you’re not certain. I’ll list the cell salts and their effects using the American system of numbering.

Cell salt indications seem to go on forever. There’s no way I could list them all here. This is just the tip of the iceberg. As I mentioned before, when I have a particular problem I will research “cell salts” and the name of the ailment I’m looking to help. That is easier for me than memorizing all their uses.

Edited to add: I found an online store with great prices: Cell Salts Tissue Salts World – be sure to check them out!

Let’s get started.

#1: Calc Fluor

Calcium Fluoride – the safe form of fluoride. Used for:

  • Strengthening bones, skin, teeth. Tooth remineralization. Helpful for children prone to cavities. When given to children, helps teeth grow in straighter, widens palate. (Often taken for periods of 3-6 months.)
  • Gum/dental pain. Teething, toothaches, sensitive teeth.
  • Improving circulation.
  • Expectorant for colds/coughs.

Where to find Calc Fluor

#2: Calc Phos

Calcium Phosphate. Used for:

  • High calcium needs: growth spurts, broken bones. #1 remedy for osteoporosis. Tooth remineralization. Teething. (Rub onto the gums.) TMJ.
  • Sore throat, difficulty swallowing.
  • #1 remedy for feeling overwhelmed.

Where to find Calc Phos

#3: Calc Sulph

Calcium Sulphate. Used for:

  • Used by the liver in removal of wastes and toxins from the body.
  • Skin health. Rashes, acne, boils & abscesses. Cradle cap, dry eczema.
  • Used in early stages of colds.
  • Ailments with yellow discharges.

Where to find Calc Sulph

#4: Ferr Phos

Iron Phosphate. Used for:

  • First aid cell salt. Inflammation = redness, heat, pain, and swelling. Crush tablets and apply to cuts and scrapes to speed healing. Headache.
  • Low-grade fevers. Use at the first sign of a cold/sore throat.
  • Anemia. Good for low hemoglobin in pregnant women. Nosebleeds.
  • Increasing oxygenation and circulation. (Given to race horses with amazing results!)

Where to find Ferr Phos

#5: Kali Mur

Potassium Chloride. Used for:

  •  Sinus infections. Clear mucous. Runny nose. Sore throats.
  • Anxiety and nervousness. Mental confusion.
  • Ear pressure/infection.
  • White, flaky dandruff.

Where to find Kali Mur

#6: Kali Phos

Potassium Phosphate. Used for:

  •  Energy.
  • Weak memory. Improving learning and attention. Great for students. Brain and nerve tonic.
  • Depression with no apparent cause.
  • Insomnia.
  • For those who are anxious or stressed. Calming.

Where to find Kali Phos

#7: Kali Sulph

Potassium Sulphate. Used for:

  •  Detox support. Therefore, useful in skin conditions with yellow scaling. Psoriasis, dry scalp, oily skin.
  • Constipation.
  • Stuffy nose, colds with yellow discharge.
  • Hot flashes, stiff joints.
  • Fatigue.

Where to find Kali Sulph

#8: Mag Phos

Magnesium Phosphate. Used for:

  •  Pain – anti spasmodic. Muscle cramps, menstrual cramps, pulled back, whiplash
  • Tics and twitches. Hiccups.
  • Spasmodic coughing (whooping cough)
  • Nerve headaches.
  • Writer’s cramp, carpal tunnel.
  • Aiding magnesium absorption.

Where to find Mag Phos

#9: Nat Mur

Sodium Chloride – salt! Used for:

  • Balancing fluids. Edema, puffy eyes. Hayfever. Dry skin/nails.
  • Major emotional grief remedy. PMS/Menopause symptoms.
  • Hives after exertion
  • Water retention, high blood pressure. Slow digestion with heartburn.
  • #1 remedy for cold sores

Where to find Nat Mur

#10: Nat Phos

Sodium Phosphate. Used for:

  • Balancing acidity. Gout, stiffness/swelling.
  • Detoxification
  • Kidney remedy, cystitis.
  • Digestion: reflux, gas. Food allergies/sensitivities.
  • Skin conditions. Hives.
  • Worms. Grinding teeth, picking nose.
  • Diabetes and low blood sugar

Where to find Nat Phos

#11: Nat Sulph

Sodium Sulphate. Used for:

  • Liver support, waste removal.
  • Asthma – especially with yellow mucous.
  • Nausea, thrush.
  • Support for depression, gloom, fear.

Where to find Nat Sulph

#12: Silicea

Silica. Used for:

  • Weakness, stamina. Grogginess in morning.
  • Improving hair, skin, nails, connective tissue.
  • Interestingly, #1 cell salt for premature babies, slowness in development.
  • Picky, frail children.
  • Babies vomit mother’s milk.
  • Cleansing and eliminating waste.
  • Lacking self confidence and courage.
  • Remedy for bad effects from vaccinations in newborns and in pets.

Where to find Silicea


A combination of all 12 cell salts. Good for generic use, but be sure to use individual salts to treat more specific problems. Helpful before and after workouts – these are electrolytes!

Where to find Bioplasma

In Conclusion

Are you intrigued? The first time I read all the indications I wanted to take every one of them. I made sure to purchase each one in large quantities (500 or 1000) because we have a large family. I continue to take them individually as needed and give them to my family as the occasion arrives, but I try to make sure and take Bioplasma a few times a day as a good, general supplement.

They have helped our family in too many ways to list. I take them with me every time we go on vacation. They are that valuable to me.

Cell Salts: What are they? Why should I be taking them?

Peace, love, and cell salts,


References: Kathryn Jones, M. Ed., DiHom Health Counselor  Elixirs.com

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94 thoughts on “Cell Salts: The Easy Homeopathy”

  1. This is a great post!! Thanks, Dandy.
    I’ve used homeopathy for over
    20 years. One of my sons needed silicea several consecutive winters for a cough that just wouldn’t go away. Took care of it! When the guys were in their early teens, we went through Calc Phos like wild fire. Those growing pains are rough! I’ve been thinking I could use some Nat Mur; the sores at the corners of my mouth just won’t go away. Your “puffy eyes” has convinced me (Thank you). I’d not seen that as part of the remedy picture in the books I have. My poor eyes look like I’ve been fish slapped!

    I’ve been perplexed for years as to why more families don’t use homeopathy. I’ve seen it do some amazing things…even on pets! My grown son will stop by for a visit & ask, “Which remedy do I need for a headache after being in the wind?” (aconite) My men were raised with it and they know it helps. 🙂

    • That’s so awesome Tina. I hope one day to delve more into classical homeopathy. Cell salts are so easy! I think the misconceptions surrounding homeopathy are unfortunate. But maybe that will change? Anyhow, thanks for your comment. So happy to hear from another homeopathy lover.

  2. I love using cell salts and always have them on hand. Recently I was on a flight and felt ill, cell salts were used to reduce the discomfort. They are fantastic little miracle workers

    • I am doing the same. Was wondering how it has gone and what you used. I am giving my baby girl calc flu or., calc phos., silica and mag phos.

      • Hi…my baby girl is 1 yr 5 months and has baby bottle tooth decay on all her upper teeth…my dentist has already drilled and filled her molars and will be filling her four front teeth. Do you suggest I start cell salts for better future teeth and strengthening existing teeth…what dosage do I give her safely..I’m new to cell salts..your advice is greatly appreciated.thanks

    • Teeth can be remineralized to PREVENT a cavity. Once a tooth is cavitated or decayed (CRUMBLING) it is TOO LATE to remineralize and must be fixed or removed! Failure to obtain proper treatment is putting your little one at great unnecessary risk. Bacteria from a cavity can’t be killed by mineral salts or mouth rinsing, and it can potentially travel anywhere in the body and cause swelling and even death in extreme situations (Ludwig’s angina).

      • It is not too late to remineralize a cavity. There is a book by Ramiel Nagel called Cure Tooth Decay with lots of specific information. Also many books on cell salts discuss teeth. Drilling and filling teeth actually causes a lot more damage to the body that is unseen for a long time and should be avoided.

    • Any luck in this with your girls teeth? I am thinking of getting some for my 2 year olds teeth that lost enamel and are crumbling.

      • Daniel ,

        Thank you .
        I actually have to book The Zodiac and the Salts if Salvation witch talk about the 12 cell salts .

        Your little intro confirm how good they are for each part of the body therefore I have a question : as I never took any , I would like to know if I can but all of them did and take take them daily ?
        In the book they mentioned how each part need a specific salt and in this time we miss all of them for years .

  3. Dandy, I have symptoms that cover several different salts. Is it OK to take more than one sort at a time? This is very intriguing to me and I am SO willing to give it a try! I appreciate someone like you taking the time to educate me!

  4. Wonderful article! I’m super excited for when I can get a cell salt kit; hopefully this Summer:) Thanks for your input and laying things out so simply and clearly; it makes it much easier to understand for newbies like me!

  5. I’ve never heard of these. And yes, I am intrigued. I haven’t taken the time to research them yet. How are they derived? If they are organic in our own bodies where do they get them? Cadavers? Are they vegetarian safe?

    • Hi Cindy! Cell salts are derived from basic mineral compounds – just salts! Our bodies need these different types of salts for functioning. Yes, they are completely vegetarian safe.

    • Hi Becky, you can click the link under each cell salt to order through Amazon, and you can also find them in many other places on the web. Health stores carry them as well.

  6. I have heard about and used some homeopathic remedies, but I have never heard of cell salts before this article. I’m interested in ALL of them. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for the info on cell salts. I am wondering which one you would use to cure a painful tooth? I would like to do it naturally if possible. Thank you.

  8. I just ordered cell salts #1 Calc Flour, #2 Calc Phos, and #12 Bioplasma to help heal my 2 year old’s cavities. I’m hesitant to give him the #2 Calc Phos because the warning label says not to administer for more than 2 days and not to administer to a child under 3 without doctor supervision. This is Hyland’s brand. The other labels don’t have than warning. Do you have any idea why that is?…is it safe for my 2 year old? I’m not familiar with these salts. I purchased after reading your article. Super excited to hear back from you…hopeful these will help my kiddo.

  9. After reading this post about cell salts, I’m getting more curious about it, I should do more research I guess. I’m planning on trying it while drinking my l-theanine tea for my PMS depression, will that be a good combination?

  10. Hi, I’ve been suffering from dizziness for many years, have been to ENT specialists with no result. Then for the past few years I’ve ears blocked. The Eustachian tube dysfunction and ear drum retracted and will get worse as years go by I was told. I’ve severe migraine both with cold and sun. I’m always cold but can’t bear too much heat either. I’ve sinus too and eye pressure for which I use eye drops. Is there any cell salt that can help?

    • Hi Ringo, I am not sure which one would help with that – have you tried looking online with your symptoms and adding the words “cell salts”? Maybe you will find the one best suited for you. You can also contact me via email for some essential oil suggestions. Best wishes for your recovery, Ringo, that must be so frustrating to deal with. 🙁

    • No need to worry. The root cause is allergy . First find out which food you are allergic to. I was allergic to maybe milk products and bakers yeast. Then find out if you are allergic to pollen,

      Cure your food allergy first. You will get close to 90% relief. 10 % may be related to pollen allergy. Teating pollen allergy is difficult. For that you need to have home food(healthy) and go for allergy shots.

      Fortunately, rear drum regenerates completely every 90 day, so no need to worry. Nevery ever think of surgical procedure, it will do irreversible damage always.

      Magnisum phosphate salt may help you. Magnisum has helped me. Instant eardrum will pop. Let me know if this helps or if you need more info.

    • I too have had dizziness for years. Used to suffer from migraines. Just got diagnosed with vestibular migraines by my ENT almost a year ago. He put me on propranolol & its been a life changer. I just received my cell salts today, excited to try them. I hope you get this message as its 2019 now

  11. Do you know anything about the company Best Made? I recently purchased their 12 pack but then discovered they are made in Pakistan. I usually buy only American made items

  12. Hi Dandy! Great post! I know you aren’t a dr. but wondered if you had any experience with this/advice. My newborn started with bad reflux around 2 weeks old. I read about Nat Phos and started give her a 1/2 tab dissolved in milk after each feed. Within a day she improved a lot, but her poops also started to slow down in frequency. She went two days without a bm at first and has now gone almost 5 days since her last bm. I stopped giving her the Nat Phos about 2 days ago. She’s almost 5 weeks old now. I see that Kali Sulph helps with constipation and Silicea helps with cleansing and eliminating waste as well as babies who vomit mother’so milk. Any idea which might be more appropriate for her? Thanks so much!

  13. Ok, this is an old post but I've just found you! I was reading about cell salts and have questions~ Should you take supplements when taking these or are they enough? (ie, calcium phos but still taking calcium, or magnesium salt but still taking magnesium?). Also, there is one called Bioplasma by Hylands and it is all the essential salts in one. Would that be better? Can you take them daily for like, ever? Should you only take one or two at a time???? I need help with hormones/calcium/mag/D levels….kids need help with teeth. How long do you take them for or do you just take them forever? Thanks!

  14. How do I give them to my dog, ei: amount and procedure. Nothing is wrong with him, just want to tune him up. He is 11 years old and @ 90 pounds

  15. Whenever I feel like my child needs them I use the bio plasma. That way all my bases are covered. Do you agree or think I should be doing the single doses instead? Thank you.

    • I do see the point in that; however, I have read somewhere that it might be more effective to target things specifically with specific cell salts. I do think Bioplasma is a good daily supplement though.

  16. hi! I feel like I waste so much time searching online for the right cell salt for symptoms we have. and quite often, i get conflicting results as to which is best for a particular symptom. (and honestly, I’m really old school at heart and prefer something in print I can grab as a resource!)

    do you have a (or some) books you could recommend to help find the right salt(s)?

  17. Thanks so much for this informative article! I have just been introduced to cell salts, and I didn’t know much about them at all. Your article was so clear and easy to understand, and was a great overview of cell salts. I definitely feel ready to move forward with confidence!

  18. hi there. i am wanting to use cell salts for my daughters teeth. but i am also into essential oils and using them on some suspect decay. what do you think? do you use the cell salts tabs as is or put into water?

  19. Great article. I read your posts all the time and you always do a good job articulating the whatever topic you’re writing about.
    Btw, I shared this on Facebook and my followers loved it. Keep up
    the great work!

  20. After taking the combo of all 12 cell salts for 2 weeks, I passed a 2 foot long tape worm which I had no idea that I had. Now I know from your helpful blog that the cell salts helped flush it out. Thanks.

  21. I know that this is an old post. Does anyone have any advice? My 16 month old has been growing in her molars. For the last month she moans and screeches mostly in her sleep, as a result is very tired. Sometimes she needs comfort. How much would you recommend to give of the #2 and for how long ( I know no one here is a doctor, just was wondering what works for people). I also have a chronic nose picker…any improvement seen in that area?

  22. Hey I give to my son silica 6x he is 2.5 for two weeks
    Should I continue? Two pills twice a day.
    I saw difference in his speech.he is saying more words now. For how long can I give him this remedy.he has developmental delay

  23. I am a 77 year old male. My PSA is 1.5, but recently I have been getting up at night to urinate.
    Is there a specific sea salt I can take?

  24. Hi Danielle….Can you give me the exact frequency for each tissue salt so that I could use it in my spooky2 rife frequency generator? Please. Thanks a million.

  25. I have another site that suggested sepis and I can’t find it anywhere. Could you help me find this or suggest a substitute. Thank you Jessica

  26. Thank you a lot for sharing! Olivia, I was wondering if you’re gonna take these salts yourself? I’m thinking of buying them now but I am not sure if it’s fine to just have that mix of 12 salts as a general therapy? Not taking each salt separately..

  27. Hello,

    If we are taking multiple tissue salt for diff aliments…can we mix them in water and drink it? is there a rule or do we take them seperately?

  28. Do we have to avoid touching the cell salt pellets completely?
    ~ That is to say, would the efficacy be degraded in the same way homeopathic pellets are when touched or come near things like cellphones, computers, etc.?

    I find getting the right number of pellets into the cap – a bit challenging.
    So I’m wondering if slightly touching a pellet with a fingertip would cause an issue.

  29. Hi Danielle. Great post. Been using these for over 20 years. I had a double pneumonia 1st week of past Nov. and hospitalized for a week. I have benefitted greatly from these in the past. The only thing I did not expect was to lose most of my hair 60 days after hospital stay. I have thick hair and it has always been long. I am 56 and just now premenopausal. It has been a rough 2 months of serious hair shedding where it has taken all of my long hair. I have cried most days. Handfuls come out and I only wash my hair 1x a week and those days are the worse. I started taking 7, 9, 12 & Bioplasma 3x a day since Dec. 17 since book stated all for hair loss. Unfortunately, my hair has continues to come out and I haven’t seen any help from the salts. Very bummed out. Thought about making a paste of bioplasma and putting ON my scalp. Thoughts??? Tx Joy


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