Friday Fast Fix: Forget About Those Baby Bibs!

Forget about those baby bibs! We've started using something else that works much better for our little ones!


Hello there!


Here’s a fast tip for all of you mamas out there with babies learning to eat:


Skip those baby bibs! We stumbled on to a better solution for us, and never looked back! πŸ™‚


I’ve never really liked baby bibs for eating purposes. (I’ve never really liked baby bibs for spit up purposes either.) They have never worked for us. They are leaky, the Velcro sticks to everything but itself, an older baby will simply remove them. . . the list goes on.


We started using children’s plain white undershirts for feeding times, and they work perfectly for us!


Here’s a picture of a sweet cutie. Underneath that white t-shirt is an adorable purple outfit from her Nana, that I really prefer not to get mashed bananas or avocados ground into. With the help of this plain white undershirt, her outfit will stay clean and dry and, well, adorable.


Fast Friday Fix: Lose those baby bibs. Try this instead!
Rockin’ the plain white undershirt. πŸ™‚


What’s great about using a plain white undershirt:


  1. It covers way more than a regular baby bib and therefore works better. Turn the shirt backward when you put it on baby, because the back has a higher neck than the front, and will cover more.
  2. They are comparably priced, and possibly even cheaper than, a pack of the same number of baby bibs. No, they’re not pink and chocolate brown and don’t have cute pictures of elephants or owls, but they do the job. πŸ™‚
  3. Baby cannot remove them. To our sweetie pie, bibs are a joke. We put them on, she takes them off, all within three seconds. Why waste time with this? The t-shirt, however, stays on.
  4. They make for easy cleanup. Just roll the front part of the shirt up and roll it over your baby’s head and toss it in the laundry basket with the kitchen towels.

Where to find white undershirts:


You can find these undershirts in the boys section of most stores that carry clothing. You can also find them online here, among other places.


I paid around $8-9 for a pack of five at my local Target. I’d suggest the small size, or sometimes I’ve seen them come in toddler sizes as well.

Pin Why We Stopped Using Baby Bibs and What We Use Instead:

Forget about those baby bibs! We've found something that works much better for our little ones!

Enjoy this fast fix! Let the newborns rock those adorable baby bibs. πŸ™‚




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  1. The shirt is a great idea in making it as a bib but you still need to clean it and food stains are really tough to remove. Have you considered using waterproof bibs? They are really super easy to clean and you won’t worry about food stains on your baby’s clothes too.


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