What to Give the Real Foodie in Your Life

What to give the real foodie in your life.
What do you give real foodies?

Surely you have one.

You know, that friend.

The real foodie. The one who, for some reason or another, has devoted a giant portion of his or her life to eating clean, living clean, reducing toxins, and letting the whole world know about it. You’re chuckling right now, aren’t you? You know who they are.

Hey – I’m a real foodie myself. . . My family and I have changed a lot about the way we eat and live in the past few years, and I’m here to tell you, I know exactly what you can give that real foodie in your life. It’s the one thing that I think all real foodies would agree on; it’d be a delight to have.

Is it a brand new Excalibur dehydrator? No, although I know most real foodies would love that.

Is it a Vitamix 5200? Nope, although it is an asset to every kitchen!

Could it possibly be a juicer? Ice cream maker? Stand mixer? Well, those are amazing in their own right, but no. That’s not what I’m talking about.

Are you ready?


Give the real foodie in your life some grace.

You’re rolling your eyes. I get it. I know about the Christmas party where they brought those gluten-free chia seed almond butter goji berry date “cookies”. I know you rolled your eyes then, and coughed one down, just so you wouldn’t have to hear about it.

I know about the time when you mentioned how your little one cried when she got her shots, and they went into a ten-minute diatribe on the evils of vaccinations.

I know about the time they freaked when you offered their child a Dorito.

I know they say the most incredibly weird words. Their vocabulary consists of terms such as “kombucha”. . . “kefir”. . . “sucanat”. . . “rapadura”. . . “amaranth”. . . “turbinado”. . . “natto”. . .  and on and on and on. What language are they speaking??

I even know about how they have all those weird bubbly jars in their kitchen and how it sometimes smells a little like someone just let one go. (That’d be the sauerkraut, just for your information.)

Yes, and there’s the constant references to Sandor Katz, the fermented cod liver oil, the trips to the farmer’s markets, the butter, the bacon, the grass-fed beef, the fact that they don’t even use regular TOOTHPASTE, for crying out loud!! They make their own toothpaste! (Here’s how) And forget about deodorant!!

I know they won’t quit mentioning bone broth, bacon fat or coconut oil.

I’m fully aware of all this. It’s me we’re talking about here. But here’s the thing. They still need your grace. No matter how you feel about your life and food choices after coming into contact with a real foodie, I feel the need to speak on their behalf.

They don’t air their positive life changes just to make you feel bad about yourself. I promise. Please, give them some grace! They only want to share with you the tips and tricks that have led to many successes in their life, and the life of their family. They truly want to help you!

They feel so much better these days! The eczema in their daughter is clearing up, the baby spits up less, the constipation is gone. They are rejoicing! Their existence has been altered, and they finally feel they are on to something!

Because you know what? I’m willing to bet good hard cash that most real foodies didn’t get there on purpose. I bet in 80% of the cases out there, something had to go majorly wrong before they realized that life as they knew it had to change.

They probably took all the mainstream routes first, just like you would do. But here’s what’s key: it didn’t work!! It left them stratching their heads, banging their heads against a wall, just plain in tears, who knows? Well, they do. I do. They had to learn that something




about the status quo. They had to look elsewhere. And they found at least part of the answer in real food.

This is not a manifesto, I assure you. I just want to try and put you in their (my) shoes for just a small moment. Think about the things they have had to deal with. Even though they may annoy the heck out of you, you don’t envy them one bit when you think about what they’ve had to fight through. The pain of watching their beloved children suffer from food allergies. . . unbearable eczema. . . what can you add to the list? Wouldn’t you go to the ends of the earth to fight for your family’s right to stop suffering? To find the root of the cause, instead of some flimsy band-aid solution that hurts worse in the long run?

So yes, the next time your friend mentions the Devil a.k.a. Monsanto, the dangers of unfermented soy, or gleefully informs you she found a raw milk source, or is about to get a set of backyard chickens, do the both of you a favor.

Smile, and be happy with her. She’s found something that gives her life renewed purpose and solace. And it makes her a better friend, to you.

Oh, and along similar lines, I found this great poem that sorta ties in with this: If You Give a {Crunchy} Mom a Cupcake. Awesome.

That is all. 😉



Edited to add: If you are offended by my attempt at humor while writing this post, I truly apologize. I love real foodies and I am proud to call myself one. Everything I tease about in this post I do or have done in the past, and will continue to do. Real foodies can be proud of their non-mainstream choices, because those choices are worth it many times over.

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