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After years of believing we could never own a dog (due to allergy issues), I started really getting puppy fever.

It began with a little twinge, and after a few months of that, I could barely scroll down my Instagram feed without feeling intense feelings of longing for a furry canine friend. It made me sad, because we had owned a dog in the past, had pet-sat a dog for our friend when he went on deployment, and whenever we would interact with the dogs, we would break out in itchy hives and sneezes. No fun!

The puppy fever got so intense, I started looking up information on hypoallergenic breeds of dogs. Still, this was risky. I didn’t know if I really believed in the whole hypoallergenic dog concept. (Sometimes I’m just naturally skeptical like that I guess.) We finally found a miniature schnauzer (a breed known for being great for those with pet allergies) available in our area and I fell in love with him! My husband was wanting a dog, too, so we prayed about it, and quickly received our answer. We were getting a puppy!


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Meet Gunther, named after my dear Grandma Honey who recently passed away – Gunther was her maiden name. He’s a miniature schnauzer, full of life and love, and we are so in love with him! And incredibly, we are not allergic to him at all! It feels like a miracle.

Of course, we want to give him the best opportunity for health and happiness, and that involves healthy dog habits. So inspired the Ultimate Natural Dog Care Directory! If you or someone you know has a dog and loves natural health, I hope this collection of natural dog care resources can help you in some way.


The Ultimate Natural Dog Care Directory


Natural Remedies


Healthy Treats


Healthy Food

Homemade Dog Food: Real Food for Pets from Wellness Mama

Easy Home-Prepared Dog Food from Whole Dog Journal

Homemade Dog Food for Diabetic Dogs from My Untangled Life

DIY Homemade Dog Food from Damn Delicious

Healthy Grooming

Natural Dog Toothpaste Recipe from Organic Authority

DIY All-Natural Toothpaste for Dogs from Little Miss Dexterous

Homemade Toothpaste for cleaning your Dog’s Teeth from Going Evergreen

Stinky Dog Odor Be Gone with this DIY Doggie Deodorant from Garden Therapy

DIY Doggy Shampoo & Conditioner Gift for Your Smelliest Dog Pals from BarkPost

DIY Natural Dog Shampoo from The Cape Coop

5 Homemade Dog Coat Treatments from Two Little Cavaliers

How to Make an All-Natural Protective Paw Wax for Dogs & Cats from Frugally Sustainable

Homemade Dog Shampoo Recipe from My Frugal Adventures

For the Home




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