9 Healthy Coffee Alternatives

Beat your coffee cravings! 9 Healthy Coffee Alternatives


Whats wrong with coffee?

Hey, let me make one thing clear: I adore coffee. I’m a coffee adorer. I don’t think there’s another beverage our country has quite an obsession with like coffee. (Don’t judge my sentence structure, because I am probably in need of coffee right now.)


Sometimes people don’t react well to coffee. Or sometimes people are on special diets where coffee is discouraged or not allowed. Maybe you are one of those rare types who hate the taste of coffee. That’s okay too, you unique soul you! 🙂

Maybe sometimes, though, you just want to try something new! So here’s a collection of nine different healthy coffee alternatives for you to try to ease your coffee cravings.

Try these 8 Healthy Coffee Substitutes!

milk being poured from above into dandelion, a coffee alternative

“Butterscotch” Detox Tea – AKA Dandelion Tea from It’s a Love/Love Thing

Try our simple dandelion tea recipe which is guaranteed to make dandelion tea taste good. Dandelion is a perfect coffee substitute with its earthy taste and dark tones. I love it with a bit of milk in the morning!

Green Tea Frappuccino from Primally Inspired

This delicious coffee alternative is made with matcha green tea, which is packed full of antioxidants. It still has a dose of caffeine, but a lot less than a standard pour over. Matcha is also full of L-theanine, which helps with feelings of wellbeing and calm.

Rich and Delicious Coffee Substitute from Whole New Mom

This easy coffee alternative is just 3 ingredients and a great way to wean yourself off coffee. You could even mix it half/half with coffee while you are reducing your caffeine intake.

Turmeric Latte from Tania Louise

I’m a huge fan of any turmeric latte, and this easy recipe from Tania Louise hits the right spot. Perfect for before bed or first thing in the morning. It has plenty of immune supporting ingredients like turmeric and ginger and is softly sweet and oh so nourishing.

Paleo milk being poured in iced matcha latte coffee substitute

Paleo Matcha Latte & Matcha Bubble Tea from Rubies & Radishes

This lovely frog green latte has is a perfect paleo coffee substitute, plus delicious bubbles just like a boba tea.

Herbal Coffee Bulletproof: A Caffeine-Free Treat! from The Nourished Caveman

If you’re giving up caffeine at the same time as trying out time restricted eating or intermittent fasting, this recipe is a great one. You can get the benefits of the bulletproof diet without the caffeine addition.

Iced Paleo “Coffee” from Paleo Grubs

This tasty coffee alternative is paleo friendly and based on chicory coffee, which apparently has French roots. You can read all about the history of chicory coffee at Paleo Grubs! It’s sure to satisy your coffee cravings.

healthy coffee substitute

Dandy Blend Cinnamon Vanilla Latte from Primally Inspired

This tasty recipe includes a dandy blend made from a mix of ingredients which are all packed with health benefits. Plus is has the rich, full bodied flavor of “real” coffee.

I’m thinking, if you’re in the mood for healthy coffee alternatives, you might be in the mood for a few good healthy cake recipes… —> 22 Grain-Free Cake Recipes Try one of these out today!

Pin: 9 Healthy Coffee Alternatives

Beat your coffee cravings! 9 Healthy Coffee Alternatives

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  1. Mmm! I drink coffee daily, but I’m open to trying new things too! The Green Tea Frappuccino and Dandy Blend Cinnamon Vanilla Latte both sound delicious! I may even be able to tempt some of my friends to giving these alternatives a try… thanks for sharing!


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