Why Do We Procrastinate?

Beat procrastination with your personal procrastination plan!

Procrastination. A word I have been familiar with almost my entire life… as soon as I learned what it meant. 😉  As much as I dislike that word, it hasn’t kept me from practicing it every day, in multiple ways.

I’ve always wondered what it is about some people who don’t procrastinate. My husband is this way, for the most part – as in, he rarely puts things off. (We all procrastinate in some way, from time to time, but some are chronic procrastinators and some don’t seem to be. Like, for instance, my hubby.)

To be honest, I am baffled and amazed by people who just get things done. I have several friends like this as well. We’ll be visiting, they’ll tell me what they did the other day, and I just shake my head. “You mean, you had stuff to do and you just… got it done?” Amazing. No putting it off? No dreading having to get it done? No dristracting yourself with unprofitable activities thereby squinching up the amount of time you have left to complete it and rushing around in a mad dash to get it done at the last minute?

Superhumans, I tell you.

Your Personal Procrastination Plan

I have a blogging friend named Lori who I met several years ago. She has a fantastic blog called Our Heritage of Health – if you’ve never heard of it, please go and check it out! Her writing centers around living an old-fashioned life in a modern world. Her blog is full of nourishing, traditional recipes, the kind you would see in antique recipe books and she’s always posting cool recipes I’ve never heard of, such as Shrub Drinks. SO cool. I love all those traditional, old-fashioned recipes!

We’ve talked in the past about our mutual struggles with procrastination. But, what my procrastinating friend has done is written an ebook about beating procrastination!

Knowing is Half the Battle!

She explains the four different types of procrastination and how you can identify your personal type. Then, she gives you strategies to work on to overcome this behemoth called procrastination. Once she shared that she had written this new ebook, I knew I wanted to get ahold of it… turns out she and I are different types of procrastinators, as I learned by taking the questionnaire in the beginning of the book. But even though we’re different, we can still work to overcome it.

What’s really cool is that she includes worksheets in addition to the book. You can print them off, and print as many as you need. Say you have a project you’re trying to complete but keep procrastinating. Lori helps you by asking you questions designed to get you thinking toward accomplishing your goal. I’ll probably need to print out a few or eighty or so. 🙂

…And Taking the Next Step

The thing is, it’s helpful to know why you procrastinate, but procrastinators need help with the next step. Sometimes, people procrastinate because they see the big picture and don’t know how to break it down into steps that are less overwhelming. So Lori has created these printables for exactly that! So helpful.

Since she just published the book, Lori’s having a sale for the first week. If you purchase the book September 15 – September 20, you’ll receive the discount price of $11.99. If you’re a little late to the game and/or procrastinated a little too long 😉 the price resets Sept. 16 to the original price of $17.99.

If you’re interested in taking the next step to overcoming your procrastination habits, click the Buy Now button. After the sale ends Sept. 20, use the coupon code SAVE20 for a 20% discount. <3

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All in all, these resources are worth it, no matter if you catch the sale price or catch it afterward. It’s really helpful to have these tools available any time you need them. Let me know if you have any questions!



Find your personal procrastination plan and BEAT procrastination today!

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