23 Healthy Homemade Condiments

23 Healthy Homemade Condiments

Sigh. ūüôā I know it’s not much fun, but do you ever stop and think sometimes about what has been put in our food? It is so easy to just pick up some salad dressing from the grocery store shelf (believe me, I’ve done it hundreds of times!) and not give much thought to the ingredients included.

Or, maybe you’re a¬†veteran ingredient inspector – but did you know there are thousands of chemicals that are not required to be listed on ingredient¬†labels? Even the most savvy label reader can’t tell what’s really included or if it is truly safe.

It’s definitely worth it to know what’s in your food, but the cool thing is, you can easily make healthy homemade¬†condiments yourself, and you have complete control over the ingredients, the process, and the FLAVOR! Here are 23 recipes to get you started.

23 Healthy Homemade Condiments

Pineapple Vinegar from It’s A Love/Love Thing

Fermented Peach Vinegar from The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking

Kombucha Mustard from 20 Something Allergies

Homemade Honey Mustard Sauce from Wellness Mama

Dijon Honey Mustard from Homemade Mommy

Homemade Mustard from Five Little Homesteaders

Homemade Mustard With Probiotic Punch from The Healthy Home Economist

Homemade Ketchup from Hollywood Homestead

Balsamic Ketchup from Oh My Veggies

Easy Lacto-Fermented Ketchup from The Antidote Life

How To Make Chipotle Mayo from Mommypotamus

Paleo Baconnaise (homemade bacon mayo) from Real Food RN

Coconut Oil Mayonnaise from Butter Believer

Homemade Tartar Sauce from It’s A Love/Love Thing

One Ingredient Blueberry Jam from Real Food Kosher

Real Food Apricot Jam from The Healthy Honeys

Raspberry Chia Jam from The Natural Nurturer

The Best Homemade Healthy BBQ Sauce from Primally Inspired

Spicy Maple BBQ Sauce from Ditch the Wheat

Peach BBQ Sauce from A Girl Worth Saving

Homemade Hot Sauce from Food Republic

Garlicky Chili Hot Sauce With a Punch from White on Rice Couple

Easy Peach Hot Sauce from Primally Inspired


Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar from It’s A Love/Love Thing


Pin 23 Healthy Homemade Condiments


23 healthy homemade condiments for you to try!

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