Does Coconut Oil Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer ?

Coconut is a bit of a miracle oil in the world of natural beauty. You can apply it to just about every part of your body and face, and yes, to your eyelashes too.

There’s no need to spend money on an expensive eyelash serum if you make this natural pure oil part of your daily beauty routine. Organic coconut oil works so well that some beauty professionals use it to substitute for mascara.


How Does Coconut Oil Make Your Lashes Longer?

Liquid coconut oil

Technically, if you were born with short eyelashes, then you may not be able to grow them as long as someone who has “long eyelashes” as part of their DNA.

Still, many people do not realize that they can, with daily treatments, grow their lashes to a length they never thought possible.

People are constantly breaking off their lashes with styling tools or losing them by rubbing their eyes, so they have no idea what their maximum lash length should be.

So Does Coconut Oil Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer ?

It actually has many nutrients that help eyelashes grow, including every B vitamin, which supports the protein that is part of the structure of the hair. In addition, it has a high amount of iron, which helps blood to bring oxygen to your hair follicles and stimulates even short lashes to become lush and long.

Coconut oil also makes your eyelash hair longer because your eyelashes seem plumper and thicker after application. The illusion can be so effective that your eyelashes might even seem false.

Solid Coconut Oil

What Kind of Coconut Oil is Best to Make Eyelashes Grow?

Not all coconut oil is alike. Regular coconut oil is made from dried coconut kernel. This highly refined oil is often bleached and may have additives to remove its smell.

Virgin coconut oil is a much better choice for promoting eyelash growth. It is extracted from the fresh milk of the coconut using natural methods, and it is free of additives.

Is Coconut Oil Safe to Use on The Eyes?

Coconut oil is one of the safest substances to use near your eyes. What makes it good for eyelash health is its protective antioxidants. It has antimicrobial and antifungal properties that can protect your eyelash growth from being stunted by a sty or other eyelid infection. 

Coconut oil can also be smeared lightly over the entire eye area to help rid crow’s feet, lighten dark circles, and tighten up hooded eyes.

How to Apply Coconut Oil to Your Lashes

There are several ways coconut oil can be applied to your lashes; some are preferable to others.

You can put a drop of coconut oil on a finger and then smear it along the lash line. Although this is the easiest and fastest way, it is not the most hygienic.

A popular and much more hygienic way is to saturate the tip of a cotton swab with the oil and apply it along both the upper and lower eyelash lines.

You can also buy a disposable mascara wand that makes it easy to apply the oil from the base to the tip of your lashes. You can find these sold in packs in many beauty stores.

Be sure to apply to both the top and bottom lashes using the disposable mascara wand. You can also apply a bit of oil with a clean eyeliner brush, just as if you were lining your eyes.

However, if you decide to apply coconut oil for eyelashes, make sure that the wand lightly touches all of the hair follicles on your upper and lower lids to nourish the roots of your lashes.

Coconut Overnight Treatment

There is no reason you can’t saturate two cotton balls with coconut oil, swipe your entire eye area with it and leave it on all night.

Don’t worry about excess oil, as coconut oil absorbs quickly to encourage eyelash growth. Oil on your eyelashes also rejuvenates upper and lower lids.

Use Coconut Oil As An Eye Makeup Remover

You can stop buying expensive eye makeup removers that dry out the delicate skin around your eyes. They won’t help your eyelashes grow.

This is because most makeup removers contain mineral oil derived from petroleum, which is a refined product. Using coconut oil is a better option because it helps moisturize the skin around your eye.

Saturate two cotton balls to wipe the entire eye area, removing every trace of eyeshadow and eyeliner.

You can also use a tissue to do this, but it is harsh on tender eye skin. Instead, a great option is to use a cotton pad specifically designed to wipe makeup away gently.

Coconut Oil and Fake Lashes

If you like wearing false lashes, you might be defeating the purpose of growing new lashes. The truth is that anything false that is attached to your eyelids will stress out hair roots and break eyelashes.

Also, applying coconut oil directly to your eyelash follicles every night leaves an oily residue that causes fake lashes to slip and fall away.

If you want to grow lashes, you must let them be natural for at least 60 days. Weighing them down or clogging the follicles with glue will result in shorter, fewer eyelashes.

Does Coconut Oil Affect Fake Eyelashes?

If you are using fake lashes affixed with glue or adhesive, then daily applications of coconut oil may cause them to slip or slide off of your eyelids, taking down a few of your natural lashes with the fake set.

False eyelashes applied with magnets might be a better option, but keep in mind that any pulling or weight on your eyelash hair follicles triggers clogging and lash shedding.

Can Coconut Oil Be Used With Eyelash Extensions?

If you want any beauty treatment to work well, then it should not be contradicted with anything that harms the lashes. That includes anything artificial or fake.

Lash extensions put weight and stress on the eyelash root. In addition, toxic glues can weaken hairs and cause inflammation of the eyelash hair follicles.

Does Coconut Oil Affect Eyeliner Tattoos?

There is no need to fear using coconut oil to help grow lashes if you have a permanent eyeliner tattoo.

Applying a natural product like coconut oil won’t fade permanent eyeliner. Instead, it’s a fatty substance packed with nutrients that tighten eyelid skin and keeps tattooed eyeliner looking like it’s freshly applied.

What Other Oils Help Lashes Grow?

If, for some reason, you can’t acquire pure organic virgin coconut oil, other oils can help you grow healthy lashes as well.

Almond Oil

Almond oil has medium-chain fatty omega-3 acids that promote hair growth. It also contains biotin, known to strengthen the hair shaft.

You will get lush lashes if you use almond oil, but they will be softer than those grown with coconut oil.

Make sure you use pure cold-pressed almond oil and stay away from refined oils or almond oils used for flavoring. You should also avoid it if you are allergic to nuts.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil

Argan oil comes from the Moroccan Argan trees. It is a slippery substance that is used to make soaps and lubricants.

Argan oil is also rich in vitamin E, and fatty acids thicken the hair shaft. In addition, the high vitamin E content prevents lash loss and breakage.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a traditional remedy that helps eyelashes reach their optimum length. It is a pure oil made from the beans of the castor tree.

Like coconut oil, it possesses healing and hydrating fatty acids. Its antifungal properties clear hair follicles of anything blocking the growth of lashes.

Tips and Tricks for Ensuring Healthy Eyelash Growth

Close up of long eyelashes

Applying coconut oil to damaged eyelashes is one thing, but you will see spectacular results if you are using it for healthy eyelashes. Here are some tips and tricks to achieve optimum eyelash health.

  • Always use a new mascara to apply oil, as used ones are almost always ridden with bacteria. 
  • Remove all excess oil and makeup from your eyes every night to prevent infections.
  • Be gentle with the eyelash curler, and try not to bend your lashes to the extent that they break off.
  • If you use an electric eyelash curler, be sure to time your curling, so you never burn your lashes.
  • Don’t use coconut oil if you are allergic to it. At any sign of redness or irritation, cease use of the product immediately.
  • Never keep eye makeup for more than three months to prevent fungal infections.
  • You can skip the mascara and brush a bit of coconut oil on your lashes to give them a thicker, glossy look.
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to splurge on a more expensive virgin coconut oil that is labeled organic.

To Conclude – Coconut Oil Grows Long Healthy Lashes

Coconut oil has antibacterial and nourishing qualities that give your lashes their best chance to grow to the optimum length possible. Furthermore, it does double duty as a gentle makeup remover. In terms of being an all-natural beauty treatment for your lashes, coconut oil is an excellent investment.

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