How to Massage Your Scalp for Hair Growth & Other Benefits

Whether you do it yourself or get it done at a spa or salon, there are few things more relaxing than getting a scalp massage to promote hair growth.

In this article, I’ll reveal everything you ever wanted to know about traditional scalp massage, the role of essential oils in clarifying the scalp, and modern silicone gadgets that are used to encourage hair growth.


What is Scalp Massage?

how to massage scalp for hair growth

A scalp massage is a localized treatment using fingers or a scalp massage device to stimulate the hair follicles of the scalp so that they will grow more hair.

This principle is that emotional and muscular tension causes tight head and neck muscles, preventing blood circulation to the scalp. The goal of the treatment is to dilate blood vessels beneath the skin by gently applying pressure and strokes with a circular motion to all areas of the skull.

Scalp massage for hair is now a common alternative health practice that you can have done at most salons and spas. You can give yourself a scalp and head massage at home or have it performed by a licensed massage therapist.

Additional Benefits of Scalp Massage

A scalp massage is also a head massage that helps relieve a lot of tension that we might be holding in our upper bodies.

The benefits of a scalp massage include:

  • Relaxing tense jaw muscles that are also connected to your shoulders and upper back
  • Stimulating acupressure points may improve the health and detoxification of other body parts, such as the lungs, liver, and gallbladder
  • Lowering high cortisol levels that are the result of stress
  • A younger-looking face that is the result of a relaxing head massage
  • Relief from tension headaches
  • A boosted immune system may prevent your scalp from fungal and other infections

How Does Scalp Massage Trigger Hair Growth?

Good scalp health and healthy hair growth depend on several factors, including good nutrition and a resilient immune system. Still, a healthy, relaxed scalp is most likely to cycle entirely through the entire 3 to 5-year hair growth cycle. During this time, a single strand can grow almost 3 feet.

If that hair growth cycle is disrupted by illness, stress, or hormonal issues, your scalp can suffer from a lack of blood circulation. Sebum and scalp plaques can narrow hair follicles, making hairs sparse, weak, and thin.

The antibacterial and antifungal nature of the oils used in scalp massages help remove dandruff and sebum-clogged follicles.

Inflamed follicles are also soothed and widened by treatments that stimulate hair growth. This allows the hair root to sprout a much thicker, luscious hair strand at the beginning of its growth cycle.

Traditional Scalp Massage Techniques

scalp massage in a salon

Manual scalp massage techniques have remained the same for centuries. The goal has always been to improve blood circulation and relieve stress through the gentle application of fingertip pressure to the scalp.

To perform a traditional scalp massage, you do not need oils. Here’s how.

How to Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

1. Raise your hands to your temples and apply medium pressure to your scalp, massaging in tight circles.

2. Work your hands across your scalp with gentle strokes back and forth to decrease tension in your surface scalp muscles.

3. Apply pressure in small circles all over your scalp to stimulate circulation. You should perform this move for about 5 minutes until you feel your neck and scalp muscles relaxing and feel a tingling sensation.

A variation of this technique is to do the massaging while your hair and scalp are coated with oil or while you are in the shower.

When you give yourself a scalp massage with warmed oil or shower, you can scrub a little harder when you rinse to help deep clean your hair follicles and remove product buildup.

How to Massage Scalp for Hair Growth At Home

Giving yourself a scalp massage at home can be as simple as applying pressure with the pads of your fingers to your entire scalp and rubbing every area that feels tight or sore. This is so simple that it can be done at your office desk or while watching tv.

You can also perform regular scalp massages in the shower. Start with hot water, massage your scalp for a few minutes and then finish off with cold water to close the follicle. This treatment also makes your hair glossy.

You can also give your hair and scalp a hot oil treatment, using either commercially bought oil or your oils. This is best to do on dry hair. Warm a carrier oil such as castor, jojoba, or coconut on the stove and add a drop or two of essential oil, such as rosemary or peppermint, to increase blood flow.

Massage this homemade hair lotion on your scalp and smooth it to the ends of your hair to seal the hair cuticles and give your locks a boost of shine.

Rinse your hair afterward and give your hair a light shampoo. Be careful not to get essential oils in your eyes while rinsing.

How Scalp Massage Gives You Thicker Hair

A gentle massage can give you thicker hair and prevent hair loss by widening your follicles, thus allowing a hair strand that is wider in circumference to grow.

The use of gentle pressure and small circular motions all over your scalp bring blood flow to your scalp helping dermal papilla cells to cleanse themselves sprout thicker new air strands,

Using warm oil rubbed gently into the scalp using your finger pads unplugs clogged hair shafts and provides stretch and strength to the hair you have. 

Regular scalp massages can go a long way to helping you keep the hair that you do have for longer, even if your hair’s 3-5 year growth cycle has been interrupted.

Wet Scalp Massage Basics

Before you give yourself a wet scalp massage, it is good to familiarize yourself with some natural fatty oils and distilled essential oils that you may be using for hair follicle health.

Natural Omega-3 Oils Used to Massage Your Scalp

Oils with fatty acids called Omega-3 are the best to use for hair loss and thinning hair because they moisturize the scalp to prevent plaques and dandruff and combat dry hair.

The most commonly used are almond oil, argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil. The oils can be warmed to skin temperature to increase their ability to nourish and plump up hair strands.

Here are some great options:

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These fatty oils are great for remedying hair damage caused by chemical treatments, curling irons, and stress from wearing hair extensions. These omega-3 rich oils can also be a carrier oil for an essential oil to improve blood circulation.

Essential Oils for Hair Growth

essential oil bottles

Essential oils contribute to overall hair health by clarifying your hair follicles and remedying dry scalp. They also disinfect and dilate blood vessels beneath the skin.

The best oils for scalp massage include rosemary, peppermint, lavender, cedarwood, and tea tree oil. These oils have antiseptic and antifungal properties that clear away sebum and itchy plaques.

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Essential Oil Safety

Before using essential oils, it is vital to give yourself a skin patch test to ensure you will not react to any of them.

Apply a bit of diluted oil to your bare skin. If you experience irritation or redness, do not use it on your scalp, as it could cause burns and additional hair loss.

It is also essential to keep all essential oils out of the reach of pets or children, as they can be toxic if swallowed.

Scalp Massagers

Scalp massagers are silicone rubber combs that can run through wet or dry hair to give yourself a traditional scalp massage.

These combs usually have a strap that fits over the back of your hand. Use two of them at once for best results, and massage your scalp all over to improve blood circulation naturally.

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7 Scalp Massage Tips

Here are scalp massage tips to help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth and thicker hair.

1. You will see better hair growth results if you schedule regular scalp massages rather than getting them sporadically.

2. Gently massaging your scalp by applying medium pressure with your fingers or scalp massager works best to decrease tension.

3. It helps to have a diet that supports the growth of healthy hair, one that includes iron, fiber and protein, and nutrients such as biotin and sulfur.

4. Taking vitamin D supplements may restore the health of a damaged scalp and hair.

5. CBD oil, cannabis oil without THC, can be consumed orally or used topically on wet or dry hair to stimulate growth.

6. Combs and caps outfitted with infrared light are also used to heal the scalp and encourage healthy hair growth.

7. Massaging the scalp is a way to encourage new hair growth, but it also helps to avoid stressful people and situations in general to prevent cortisol releases that block hair growth.

In conclusion – When Will You See Hair Growth from A Scalp Massage?

Like most things worth undertaking, improving your hair growth and thickness takes time. The active phase of any hair growth cycle is called the Anagen phase, which lasts 3-5 years and can add as much as 18-20 inches to your hair length.

With regular scalp massage treatments, you can expect your hair to grow 5-6 inches a year. Your hair also grows faster in the summer.

When battling hair loss, you need to be patient if a physical or emotional crisis disrupts your hair growth. A scalp massage with your favorite oils can go a long way to improving hair thickness and growing long hair.

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