How Often Should You Get Your Eyebrows Threaded?

If you have never tried having your eyebrows threaded, then you will be delighted by how long the results of this traditional hair removal technique last. Depending on the thickness of your brows, most people enjoy stunning results that can last for weeks.

Eyebrow threading is an efficient, hygienic way to accomplish both hair removal and perfect brows. It is also painless and safe for even sensitive skin. When done by a certified threading artist, most people will get the results they want and barely feel a thing.


How Long Does Eyebrow Threading Last?

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Eyebrow threading typically lasts from 2 to 5 weeks. Even though this type of hair removal pulls hair out from the roots, each strand has an annoying way of growing back at its own rate. This can give your eyebrows a sparse, unruly look.

It can be challenging to tame eyebrows to grow into the desired shape. This happens because each hair has its own regrowth cycle that lasts between two and five years. A single hair’s longevity depends on how often various harsh techniques weaken individual hair follicles.

The good news is that hair growth takes longer after each hair removal treatment. After each yanking of an eyebrow strand, the follicles grow weaker until almost no hair in the treated brow space grows back. This means that you will need to book fewer appointments to get your eyebrows done over the years.

What Exactly is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is a straightforward process by which a cotton thread is looped into a mini lasso that catches hundreds of singular hair at once as it is rolled across the surface of the skin. It rips the hairs out of the follicles the same way as waxing without the painful ripping sensation.

Before the threading begins, clients are consulted about how thick they would like their brows to be and the arch of the brow. The arch determines your eyebrow’s general shape and, sometimes, what the thickness of the plucked eyebrows should be.

Threading is not only great for brow shaping, but it also won’t harm your skin. The thread is held in a specific way so that the practitioner’s rolling back and forth motion swiftly removes each hair. The entire threading procedure only takes about 15 minutes and even less time if you continue to get regular, monthly treatments.

The Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

Once you discover the many benefits of eyebrow threading, you will definitely wonder why you didn’t try it before. After having your brows threaded, you will never go back to more time-consuming, odorous, and annoying ways to remove brow hair.

Getting your eyebrows threaded has many desirable effects, including a cleaner, younger-looking brow area, less peach fuzz, and a more sophisticated and precise eyebrow arch.

Removes Unwanted Hair

Eyebrow threading has been around for thousands of years simply because it is one of the most efficient methods for removing wanted hair. It is also one of the most traditional, precise, and artistic ways of shaping brows. This non-invasive hair removal process is inexpensive at between $20 and $30 a treatment.

Gets Rid of the Tiniest Hair

The threading process removes all of your hair, helping you have clean, perfect brows. Not a speck of peach fuzz will remain around your brow area.

This trusted beauty process will remove hair that you can’t even see, leaving you with smooth, clean skin. If you are the type of person who likes to wear eye shadow above the eye crease, you will love the way threading creates a smooth canvas for your colors.

Offers A Precise Clean Eyebrow Shape

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is considered a beauty skill as your threading artist needs to know how to roll the thread through your lines of hair growth. This allows them to remove the hairs in precisely the right ways to create the most exact, cleanest, and most flattering look.

No Harsh Chemicals are Used

Threading removes hair without the use of harsh chemicals that smell like sulfur, which can cause burns and damage the skin’s upper dermis. Threading removes hair in a holistic, non-invasive way.

Threading is An Excellent Choice for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, then dermatologists recommend threading for removing unwanted hair because it is gentler than other types of hair removal. The skin beneath is not touched by any chemicals, fingers, or tools that could make your skin break out.

This is why this brow shaping method is perfect for people with painful acne or sensitivities to the chemicals found in facial hair removal creams.

Thread is A Better Choice for People with Acne

People on topical retinoid creams such as Accutane might have such sensitive skin that it cannot tolerate any other hair removal method. That is why dermatologists often recommend eyebrow threading instead of waxing or chemical hair removal methods.

No Razor Bumps or Ingrown Hair

As eyebrow threading is efficient, removing many brow hair at once is accomplished with no damage to your hair follicle or skin. A professional can use a mini-lasso made of cotton thread so deftly that their fingers do not even touch your skin. Using the thread also dramatically reduces your chances of picking up skin bacteria from the brow expert.

The same can’t be said of shaving, plucking, or waxing, as there is always the risk of a single unwanted hair becoming wayward and growing back in on itself. This can cause issues like razor bumps and skin infections.

Hair Takes Longer to Grow Back

Your perfect brows will look better for longer after your brows are threaded because the threading process removes hair right from the root. Your brow hair will take weeks to grow back, and you may not need to revisit the hair salon for a while.

The longer visits between treatments mean you will also save money. This is why some people choose to get their entire body treated by a threading service.

What Happens During An Eyebrow Threading Appointment?

Eyebrow threading is a very simple process that is done by a licensed expert with a single strand of cotton thread that acts as a mini lasso to remove even the tiniest hair. Most salons offer a threading service for the face and body. Try to get your eyebrows done before you see individual hair growing in.

Brow threading should be a comfortable experience for you. Having an idea of how you want your brows to look before you set foot in the salon will help you get your brows done properly.

Consult with Your Brow Expert About Eyebrow Shaping

Before you attend your appointment, decide on a shape and style for your brows. If you are undecided, consult with your threading technician, who will be able to tell you what’s in style and what suits your facial features.

If you are happy with the arch and shape of your brows, then your technician will follow the pattern of the present shape, being sure to get rid of every single hair in the eyebrow area.

Expect Some Plucking and Tweezing

Although eyebrow threading does an amazing job of getting rid of the individual hair, you can expect some tweezing of your brows if there is even one single hair left behind.

Tweezing may also be necessary to remove that one hair that is troublesome or off-color that is growing in the midst of your brow. This includes singular hair that is white (when the rest of your hair is black) or that curly hair that refuses to be tamed by gel.

Is Eyebrow Threading Painful?

Brow threading has always been popular because it is considered to be a lot less painful than waxing. It is also a quicker and more efficient beauty process than waxing or tweezing.

Whether or not having brow hair pulled out by the root is painful might be a completely subjective experience as some people feel pain more acutely than others when you get your brows done, be sure to tell your practitioner if you are sensitive to pain.

Eyebrow Threading Aftercare

Eyebrow threading has no significant after-effects unless something is already wrong with a hair follicle. After the treatment, follicles that are already infected or have ingrown roots might need some TLC.

Most people only suffer a bit of redness in the brow area. If this happens, then you can soothe it by applying ice packs to the area. However, usually, the redness from brow threading goes away on its own.

Hire A Qualified Eyebrow Threading Artist

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Here is some good advice that you should follow before getting your brows threaded.

  1. Before making an appointment with a threading service, make sure that a reputable eyebrow expert will treat you.
  2. Although it is true that eyebrow hair usually grows back, the process can cause a weakened or furled hair shaft to grow in, so be sure to ask for testimonials or recommendations from individuals who have experienced brow hair removal from your chosen practitioner.
  3. Sometimes mistakes happen, even though that is more likely with brow waxing, shaving, or plucking. If there is somehow a gap in your hair growth or too much hair is removed during treatment, use a brow pencil to fill the missing section until you see hair regrowth.
  4. The question of how often you should get your eyebrows threaded is easily answered by the technician at your threading service, who will also give you great advice about unwanted hair.

To Sum Up – Train Your Brows with Frequent Threading Sessions

What is the answer to the question, “how often should you get your eyebrows threaded?”. The answer is as often as possible in order to keep unwanted hair acting out.

Repeated treatments help maintain your desired brow shape by weakening undesired hair at the root. As the months or years go by, you will find yourself removing fewer and fewer brow hairs beneath the shape of your perfectly trained eyebrow arch.

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