Fifteen 15-Minute (or less!) Workouts

Fifteen 15-minute workouts to get your body into gear!
People who are dedicated to improving their body garner much respect from me. I kind of wish I had the time and energy to devote to an hour-long or more workout… but I don’t. :-/ Most of us don’t, honestly. So here is a compilation of 15 different workouts that are designed to take 15 minutes or less.
I highly recommend using either a muscle roller stick, the Fascia Blaster, or both prior to and after your workout for increased muscle activation and decreased recovery time! (Helps decrease the appearance of cellulite too…yay)

Fifteen 15-minute (or less!) Workouts

14 Minute No Excuses Workout from Reboot with Joe
EMOM workout- only 15 minutes from The Fitnessista
14 Minute Ab Workout! from Kayla Itsines
A 15-Minute Workout That’ll Totally Outperform Your Typical Cardio from Womanista Wellness
10-Minute Workout Plan from Wellness Mama
The Scientific 7-Minute Workout from Mercola Peak Fitness

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Fifteen 15-minute (or less! Workouts to get your body quickly in gear!

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