Which Child Is My Favorite? This one.

which child is my favorite

So my dear friend Heather and I were talking a while back. She had her first baby in March, and during our visiting we were oohing and aahing over her newborn’s every little detail. Newborns are so precious, aren’t they? Those first months of parenthood (and first few months with each child thereafter) are so … Read more

10 Things I Had to Learn When I Became a Parent

10 Things I had to learn when I became a parent

Parenthood changes everything. It certainly did for me. Parenthood has affected me physically. . . emotionally. . . spiritually. . . It continues to; it will affect me forever and ever. Whether you lovingly carried and gave birth to your children or lovingly adopted them into your home and heart, your children will stay with you, … Read more

Unabashed Love

img 913910 things you should know about me 9

Children are so amazing. Last night I was feeling physically terrible, and I was impatient, exhausted, and snappy with my children while I was putting them to bed. I know it’s wrong when I act this way, and yet somehow, I feel justified when I do it also. Because I felt crappy. Go figure. Somehow, the frustration and impatience just … Read more

Parenting Using Positive Phrasing

Can you envision a negative command? Your child can't either!

Let’s start out this post with a little bit of trivia: Did you know it is impossible for the human brain to visualize a negative action? What I mean by that is, you can’t imagine something not happening. Let’s give it a try: don’t think about a purple elephant. You thought of a purple elephant! … Read more

Before You Wish This Season Away. . .

Thoughts about Joel Osteen.

Hello friends, Been thinking, and I just wanted to share. So much of my life has been spent hungering for the next phase, instead of thriving where I am. Desperately Seeking Husband Before I met my amazing husband, I spent the majority of my time, efforts, and energy trying to find “him”. Of course I … Read more

And They Say Moms Don’t Get Paid

They say moms don't get paid, but there's more than meets the eye!

I get to be a mom to four beautiful children.     Like the rest of you mamas, that means I’m, in no certain order: A child caregiver. A full-time chef. A maid. A chauffeur. A teacher. An event planner. An accountant. A counselor. A nurse. A delegator. A protector. A manicurist. (LOL – it … Read more