How to Remove that Hard Layer from your Makeup Powder

Have you ever found yourself faithfully in the midst of your makeup routine, only to find that over time this weird, hard FILM has developed on the top of your makeup powders? Your blush used to travel perfectly to your brush. Now, no number of swipes can transfer the color from the powder, and therefore, to your face.

This is not uncommon. The oils from our skin, our primer, our facial moisturizer, or foundation we might have already applied, easily collect on our makeup brushes or cosmetic sponges. These oils start to accumulate onto the top of our makeup powders and form that hard layer on top.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Thankfully, as easily as this phenomenon occurs, you can fix it, and quickly too! I recently found some time to film a quick IGTV video demonstrating how to remove that hard layer from your makeup powder with ease. Here’s the video:


How to Remove that Hard Film from your Makeup Powder

How to Remove that Hard Layer from your Makeup Powder

Would you rather read the instructions than watch the video? Here’s how to simply remove that hard layer from the top of your makeup.

You’ll need: some form of sticky tape

Really, whatever kind of tape you prefer will work. You can use masking tape. It comes in different widths and some prefer the wider width. I personally use, as seen in the video, a small scotch tape refill that I keep in my makeup stash. I have found it’s the smallest way to keep some tape on hand. Plus, I can easily measure out how much length I need.

First, peel off a section of tape to fit the width of your powder.

Next, firmly press your tape to the top of the makeup powder. Run your finger over the tape a few times for better adhesion. 

Last, gently lift the tape, and you’ll see a thin layer of the oil-compressed makeup lift right along with it. This leaves your fresh, usable powder available for your use! Pretty neat, isn’t it?

This happens with various powders in my makeup stash, since I use an oil-based form of coverage. Also, I have naturally oily skin, which adds to it. I love having the tape readily available as a solution!

However, this does remove some of your powder, so do this as infrequently as you can. You don’t want to go through your powder too quickly.

Another Hard Layer of Powder Remover Method: Microfiber Cloths

Some like to use textured microfiber cloths like Norwex® to sand away at the top of the hard film. However, I didn’t mention this in my video, because I haven’t had as much success using this method. But, it is certainly something you can try if you have a microfiber washcloth handy!

Hopefully, this quick tip helped you. Have you found a way to remove that hard film from the top of your powder? Let us know in the comments section!

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