The Only Water Kefir Tutorial You Will EVER Need

water kefir tutorial

How do I tell you about water kefir? Water kefir sort of changed my life. Does that sound unbelievable? It’s true; if  I could pinpoint one change we made that made the most difference in our lives, I would chalk it up to water kefir. That fizzy, bubbly, tingly, probiotic vitamin powerhouse. It was our first … Read more

Easy to Follow Fermentation Recipes For Beginners

15 EASY ways to get started fermenting, these recipes are all for the beginner!

Fermenting food is some of the easiest food preservation that there is. These fermentation recipes for beginners will help you and your family to restore your gut health with beneficial microbes. There’s also great fun and a fun new hobby. Fermenting is a lost art that is now resurfacing in popularity. It has literally changed … Read more

How to Make Homemade Pineapple Vinegar: (An Easy Guide)

How to make homemade pineapple vinegar from your leftover pineapple rind!

Are you a fan of home fermentation like I am? I want to share with you today a simple technique for making your own vinegar. Not just any old vinegar – pineapple vinegar! The great part about this is that you’re putting to use the leftover rind and core from when you slice a pineapple … Read more

Simple Fermented Carrots Recipe

How to ferment carrots - one of the easiest ferments and they taste so yummy too.

When I was a young, newly-wedded lass, by accident I discovered something quite magical: If I put baby carrots into a jar of leftover pickle juice, I would end up with crunchy, juicy, mouth-watering carrot pickles. Yes, my husband did think I was crazy, but it was a feeling he would be growing accustomed to … Read more