20 Real Food Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

real food vanilla icecream

 Yum! Summer’s not quite over – especially for us here in Arizona! But I figure homemade ice cream recipes are good year-round. 🙂 Sometimes we think of ice cream as an unhealthy, sugar-filled, fat-laden overindulgent treat with no merits. But I really feel differently! Sure, most store-bought ice cream is just exactly that. (Although, Haagen … Read more

Healthy Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups

Healthy homemade fruit leather / fruit roll ups - sooo simple

I’m sure we all remember those bright red, flavorful, STICKY squares, wrapped in plastic, aptly named snacks, Fruit Roll-Ups. Well, did you know you can make your own flavorful, HEALTHY homemade fruit roll-ups? No trip to the store required. “How on earth can fruit roll-ups be healthy?” I’m sure you’re wondering. It’s because of the … Read more

The Only Water Kefir Tutorial You Will EVER Need

water kefir tutorial

How do I tell you about water kefir? Water kefir sort of changed my life. Does that sound unbelievable? It’s true; if  I could pinpoint one change we made that made the most difference in our lives, I would chalk it up to water kefir. That fizzy, bubbly, tingly, probiotic vitamin powerhouse. It was our first … Read more

How to Make Homemade Broth Cubes for Instant Broth

Homemade Instant Broth Cubes - a healthy instant way to keep broth on hand!

Broth, once something that I used to be intimidated to try, has become a staple in our home. (Here’s a simple homemade broth tutorial I recently wrote if you’re interested in learning how to make it easily at home.) After the process of making broth, there is only really one minor drawback as far as I’m … Read more

22 Grain-Free Cake Recipes

22 Grain-Free Cake Recipes for your Next Celebration

Hey, just because you’ve decided to give up grains doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating! There are plenty of cakes out there that can be made without grains, and they taste delicious too. So, for the next birthday in your life, or graduation, or whatever you happen to be celebrating, take a look at … Read more

23 Gluten-Free Cookie Recipes

23 gluten free cookie recipes

Just in time for Christmas, here are 23 gluten-free cookies recipes for you to try! I think I heard Santa was going gluten-free this year, you know… 😉 Enjoy! And if you have some favorite gluten-free cookie recipes, please share them in the comments. Merry Christmas! (And these can be enjoyed all year long!)   … Read more

25 Sweet & Savory Paleo Bread Recipes

25 Sweet & Savory Paleo Bread Recipes

  So, you’ve started the Paleo diet. You’re feeling better than ever after cutting grains and sugar, but sometimes you find yourself wondering… am I ever going to be able to enjoy the taste and texture of bread again?   Well, I have good news for you! You can absolutely enjoy the taste and texture … Read more

16 Delicious Homemade Nut Butters

You can make your own homemade nut butters, just the way you like!!!

Healthy stuff is great, right? Sure. Sometimes, however, the healthy stuff you want, you can’t exactly find at the store. Or if you find it, it’s super expensive. Take, for example, coconut butter. Almond butter. Sprouted almond butter. Peanut butter with no sugar. Whatever it is, nut butters are usually either too hard to find or … Read more