DIY Hair Growth Oil

DIY Hair Growth Oil

Hello there!

I have been getting some requests for the oil that I use on my hair, so I thought I’d take a minute and share. It’s a pretty simple recipe, and it actually uses the same oil ratio that I use on my face, for the oil cleansing method. I will write about that later, though. Today, it’s hair! 🙂

If you have read my post, How to Grow Hair Faster, you’ve learned about the methods I used to get my hair to grow super quickly. Like, over two inches in five weeks, which is just phenomenal growth for my hair. In that post I talk about the Inversion Method, and I also mentioned that I have a DIY recipe for hair growth.

Not only do I use this oil when I’m doing the inversion method, but each time I wet my hair, whether I am washing it or not, I will also apply this oil to the ends, to keep them nice and moisturized.

This little concoction of mine has worked so well, that I will continue to use it until it runs out. What’s even better is that you only use such a small amount of this oil, that the huge bottle I made seems like it will last forever! 🙂 However, I will give you a smaller amount to make so that you don’t end up with so much like I did. Feel free to double or triple the recipe!

This mixture calls for coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, and castor oil for the base.


Coconut Oil

This is a wonderful oil for all things hair. The fatty acids in coconut oil are ideal for moisturizing, help combat dandruff, and soothe the scalp. It easily absorbs into your hair, and has been used in tropical countries for maintaining beautiful hair for ages. I also use it as a skin moisturizer, for cooking… I love coconut oil! 🙂 Here’s where you can find it at a great price.

Apricot Kernel Oil

I first learned about apricot kernel oil watching a documentary where the speaker told of how women would use this oil to keep their hair shiny, healthy, and beautiful. It is antibacterial and high in antioxidants as well as vitamin E. Be sure to buy cold-pressed, high quality apricot kernel oil.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is renowned for helping to regrow hair. It increases scalp circulation if you massage with it, and strengthens your hair follicles. I have also gently rubbed a tiny bit of castor oil on my eyelashes at night for thicker eyelashes. I’m weird like that. 🙂 You can find castor oil here.

I also added in several essential oils that are well-known for growing out hair. I’d recommend that you use a high quality, certified therapeutic grade essential oil for this; you’ll get the most bang for your buck. In addition, your scalp is very sensitive and will absorb things quickly and easily. Make sure you’re using the best. Click here to learn more about essential oils and the brand I recommend.

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DIY Hair Growth Oil


  • 2 ounces coconut oil (where to find)
  • 1 ounce castor oil (where to find)
  • 1 ounce apricot kernel oil (where to find)
  • 12 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 6 drops lavender essential oil
  • 6 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 6 drops clary sage essential oil
    • Other oils that I didn’t include that are useful for hair growth:
      • thyme
      • ylang ylang
      • cedarwood
      • geranium
      • ginger
      • lemon
      • grapefruit
    • You can switch out any of these oils, or add them. Use whatever you have on hand. 🙂



  1. This is so simple. Measure out all the ingredients into a measuring cup (one that shows ounces), and then pour into your container of choice. Shake well.  That’s all!


  • You can use this on your scalp about half an hour before you shower. Add a few drops to your fingertips, and rub into your scalp to increase circulation. Leave for 30 minutes, and shampoo out.
  • As a moisturizer after I shower, I will comb my hair with a wide tooth comb, and then I put 2 drops of this hair oil into my palms, rub them together, and then apply to the ends of my hair.
  • The oils I used are well known for growing healthy hair. This mixture, due to the castor oil, is a thick one, and so believe me when I say, just a dab will do ya.
  • Sometimes when I do the inversion method, I will use oil. This same oil recipe is the one I use. I simply apply several drops to my fingertips and apply the roots of my hair when I begin. Be sure to read this post if you’re unfamiliar with the inversion method. I love to cover my pillow with a towel and leave the oil in my hair, and then wash it out the next day.
  • If you do apply a generous amount to your hair, washing it twice usually will get it all out. Everyone’s hair and water are different, so just do what works best for you.
  • If you love natural hair care, be sure to check out my Ultimate Natural Hair Care Directory, and my Top Ten Tips for Going No-Poo.

Pin: DIY Hair Growth Oil

DIY Hair Growth Oil

I think that’s it. I hope this helps you! Best wishes for happy, healthy, beautiful hair!

Much love,


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58 thoughts on “DIY Hair Growth Oil”

  1. What’s your opinion on using these oils if you have REALLY oily hair to begin with? I need to wash mine every day as it is, and I’m nervous using any additional oil will just make my scalp/hair greasier than it already is!

    • Hi Ali! I have personally found, after quitting shampoo and trying to stretch the number of days between hair washes, that the oilier I let my hair get, the less oil my scalp produces. My daily washing was actually creating an oilier scalp for me. I have also heard this from others, and I think it is kind of the premise behind going “no-poo”. I do know how you feel though – my scalp can get really oily. 🙁 It’s no fun. If you don’t want to try letting your oil production regulate that way, you could try and see if your shampoo will remove it, and possibly a second shampoo would seal the deal! Thanks for your great question. 🙂 <3

      • That’s because when you shampoo daily you hair creates more oil ( sebum) because it has been striped of it,but the longer you don’t shampoo the less oil ( sebum) will be produced because it doesn’t need to produce more. so in essence if you don’t shampoo your scalp will produce less oils then if you do every couple of days. hope that helps!

    • Actually a 50/50 ratio of coconut and castor oil does wanders for your eyelashes and eyebrows. It wont happen overnight but after about a month of daily use you will be very pleased.

    • When I apply it to my ends, it is only conditioning them. This does help prevent breakage, but not help with growth. It’s when you apply it to the roots that it helps with growth. Sorry for not clarifying that! 🙂

  2. I could not get coconut oil out of my daughter’s hair and it was very oily, the trick was to put shampoo on her dry hair, then wash with water. Took all the excess oil right out.

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  4. Great job! Hair fall may occur due to various factors such as genetic, stress, imbalanced diet, hormonal imbalance, but through this remedies you can problem will be lessen. Thanks for the info.

  5. Great job! Hair fall may occur due to various factors such as genetic, stress, imbalanced diet, hormonal imbalance, but through this remedies you can problem will be lessen. This does help prevent breakage, but not help with growth. It’s when you apply it to the roots that it helps with growth. Thanks for the info.

  6. My hair has always been my pride and joy. I figured since it is pretty damn healthy, it could deal with some extensions. I was wrong, and now I want to burst into tears every time I look at my natural hair. I just don't know what to do. my hair has also NEVER been shorter than this and it breaks and falls out. What should i do to regrow hair?

    • Hi Nicole, I’m so sorry to hear about your hair. 🙁 I was so bummed when my hair was falling out. I have a post that might get you started on the right track: I must emphasize the inversion method. Even better, inversion method with rosemary essential oil. (You can email me to ask more about essential oils if you want.) Also, have you ever heard of Hair, Skin, and Nails, by It Works? This supplement has really boosted my hair growth. Be sure to deep condition your hair at least weekly. I hope you have some great results, quickly!! <3

  7. I am starting to do protective styles the one that I will be getting within the next couple of days the crochet twist. Will this work for me while my hair and crochet braids as I will not be washing my hair until I take the braids out in about 4 to 6 weeks?

    • I think this might be too oily to not wash out. I would suggest scalp massage like the inversion method – without oils – and see how that works for you! You can read a little more about it here: – I hope that helps you!!

  8. Hi my name is Shanda, may I use this as a daily use and not wash out.? My Afro is not holding the oils I choose well. Aldo suggestions for a natural leave in conditioner
    Thank you

    • You can always try, Shanda, there’s no harm in trying! Everyone’s hair is so different, that is what I have learned through all this. Have you tried Shea Moisture products? I like their deep conditioners. As for something homemade, you could try natural aloe vera (not the kind with all the junk in it), or even coconut milk. Other suggestions are jojoba oil, and shea butter. Have you experimented much? Have you tried co-washing? (Washing with conditioner only)

    • Hi Dana, you can. But I think coconut oil is a bit better in its original form. So, even though I live in Arizona, it does get cold at some point in the winter and my coconut oil solidifies. But since the coconut oil is only half of the hair oil mixture, it never solidifies for me. So feel free to try either way, which ever you prefer. <3

  9. Great Post. Hair growth oil an be useful in many ways like to stop hair fall or to regrow your hair. There are many shampoos too which are very popular now a days to stop hair loss.

  10. This is my first time dealing with essential oils… Is it first I have to dilute it as per the instructions given in the bottle and add the drops as per your instructions or just add the required drops as mentioned above?

    • Hi Sri, that’s a great question. You will be diluting your oils by adding them to this hair growth oil, so no need to dilute as per bottle instructions. <3

  11. Sounds like a complicated recipe )) I used just coconut oil mixed with burdock oil, and it worked great!! Totally renewed my eyebrows. As to the eyelashes, I chose Cherish Lash serum which is also non-chemical and very effective. It made me much prettier indeed ))

  12. Hello Danielle…
    Yes, we know the harsh effects of chemical hair oils and the amount of damage it does to our hair.
    From your DIY hair oil recipe, I will surely try it and will share my opinions for the same.

    Thanks a lot for this amazing and informative post.

  13. At first thanks a lot to Danielle for sharing such a helpful article and I have pleased to get this blog page. I am new at this. Already, I have read your valuable page and gotten much information. Now I have a little question that, Can I use avocado oil or, olive oil for hair growth quickly? And how many days will I mix well in my hair in a week? Could you please suggest me? Then I will be benefited by your grateful suggestion. I will await your valuable response with great interest.

    Anyway, I will save your website and I will share it with my friends. I hope they will be benefited by this topic.

      • Thank you Danielle! This would be my first time working with essential oils. Do you have a detailed tutorial on how mix them? Or can you point me to a tutorial? I’m a bit anxious about getting this right. Haha!

        • Hi Angela! I’m sorry, I don’t have a detailed tutorial on how to mix them – but I really think you will be okay if you just add all the ingredients together into a bottle and shake it a little bit – the oils will disperse and mix very well that way! Let me know if you have more questions!! <3

  14. I made a jar of this hair oil years ago when I was growing out a pixie cut, I go back to it every now and then and I’ve only just run out, I didn’t imagine I’d be able to find the same blog again! Just made my 2nd batch =D


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