DIY Eye Makeup Remover Tutorial [VIDEO]

DIY Eye Makeup Remover Tutorial [VIDEO] - .this looks sooo easy!!

Who wants an easy, fast way to nourish their eyelashes AND remove stubborn eye makeup?

Did I mention this is ALL NATURAL? This DIY eye makeup remover recipe uses coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, and castor oil to nourish your eyelids and eyelashes, encouraging healthy, thicker, longer eyelashes. YAY.



This is a wonderful oil for all things hair, including eyelashes. The fatty acids in coconut oil are ideal for moisturizing, cleansing, and are even antifungal. It has been used in tropical countries in beauty techniques for ages. I also use it as a skin moisturizer, for cooking… I love coconut oil! 🙂 Here’s where you can find it at a great price. In this recipe, you can use any kind. Virgin, fractionated, refined, whatever you want. Even if you don’t use fractionated

In this recipe, you can use any kind. Virgin, fractionated, refined, whatever you want. Even if you don’t use fractionated oil, since you’re blending it with other oils, it will not solidify in the winter… at least mine hasn’t. 😉


I first learned about apricot kernel oil watching a documentary where the speaker told of how for thousands of years women would use this oil to keep their hair shiny, healthy, and beautiful. It is antibacterial and high in antioxidants as well as vitamin E. Be sure to buy cold-pressed, high quality apricot kernel oil.


Castor oil is renowned for nourishing skin and hair. It increases circulation if you massage with it, which you are doing in this DIY, and strengthens your eyelash follicles.  You can find castor oil here.

If you keep these three oils on hand, you can use them in a wide variety of DIY beauty products. Keep them in your pantry for future use!

Here’s my tried and true recipe for DIY Eye Makeup Remover.

Nourishing DIY Eye Makeup Remover Tutorial

You don’t need to pay for expensive cremes or removers.. filled with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Here’s what you do need:

Ingredients & Supplies


This is so simple, as you can see from the video. Yay for simplicity!

Find yourself a clean, empty bottle for your eye makeup remover container. This can be a washed, used container, or you can order one here. I’ve used this recipe for three years, and I recommend using a squirt bottle of some type. It’s just easier that way. You could also use a glass dropper bottle.

Since bottle sizes will differ, I chose to work with proportions in this recipe.

1. Fill your bottle halfway with coconut oil.

2. Then fill 1/4 of the rest of the way with apricot kernel oil.

3. Top it off by filling the final 1/4 with castor oil.

4. Replace lid and shake gently to mix.

Voila! You’re done. SO simple.

To Use

Apply a small amount to your fingers as I have in the video, and gently massage your eyelids for about 30 seconds. (Longer if you have days-old mascara you’re trying to remove ;) )

Gently wipe away the makeup with a warm wet washcloth.


Do not use essential oils in this DIY! I know it’s tempting, but you need to keep essential oils away from the delicate eye area, and what’s more – you just don’t need them. The oils I have chosen for this DIY clean very well just as they are.

Sometimes I store this remover in the shower so I can remove during my shower.

Enjoy! ❤️

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DIY Eye Makeup Remover Tutorial - must try!!



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  1. Thanks for sharing.
    I use castor oil for so many things — it is a bit too thick for this, on it’s own though!
    It’s important to remind us NOT to use the e.o. in this one. LOL.. and you did!
    Yay. Here’s to alternatives to chemicals in everything we do and need..

    • Thanks Carol! You’re right, castor oil is great, but I see too many tutorials using that alone and I find it too thick. This has been the best consistency for me. <3


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