Nourishing Chicken and Broccoli

Creamy, nourishing chicken and broccoli - what a great way to use the whole chicken!

Chicken and broccoli make a great team, don’t you think? This particular recipe takes a little advance preparation by roasting a chicken in the crock pot, but in the end you’ll wind up with a healthy chicken dish that takes advantage of every single part of your chicken! This recipe incorporates the flavorful taste of … Read more

Tasty Fruity Chicken Recipe

Fruity Chicken: Chicken cooked with mango, cherry, and apple, tossed with a balsamic honey glaze, and topped with strawberries. You'll love it - and it's healthy!

Hello all! Time for another quick recipe. I’ve felt super busy these past few days trying to get homeschool curriculum ordered and get ready for a garage sale. It will feel SO GOOD to get all this clutter out of our house, I just know it. Anyway, just wanted to share this easy, nourishing, and … Read more