29 Delicious Paleo Broccoli Recipes You Need to Try

21 Delicious Paleo Broccoli Recipes

Okay, so we all know about broccoli, and that it’s a healthy vegetable. It seems people either love it or hate it, but broccoli really has so many great qualities. For starters, broccoli is full of fiber, great for keeping a healthy digestive tract. It’s also a good source of Folate, and high in Vitamin … Read more

Grain Free Banana Pancakes

Grain-Free (high protein!) Banana Pancakes - sooo yummy

Hello, pancakes anyone? Just because you went grain-free doesn’t mean you have to live without the occasional plate of pancakes! I was messing around in the kitchen and came up with these grain free banana pancakes and I think they turned out pretty well. Bonus: they’re high-protein! If you’re new to the grain-free/paleo lifestyle, remember … Read more

25 Sweet & Savory Paleo Bread Recipes

25 Sweet & Savory Paleo Bread Recipes

  So, you’ve started the Paleo diet. You’re feeling better than ever after cutting grains and sugar, but sometimes you find yourself wondering… am I ever going to be able to enjoy the taste and texture of bread again?   Well, I have good news for you! You can absolutely enjoy the taste and texture … Read more

22 Grain-Free Cake Recipes

22 Grain-Free Cake Recipes for your Next Celebration

Hey, just because you’ve decided to give up grains doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating! There are plenty of cakes out there that can be made without grains, and they taste delicious too. So, for the next birthday in your life, or graduation, or whatever you happen to be celebrating, take a look at … Read more

15 Of The Best Paleo Casserole Recipes

15 delicious PALEO casseroles to try - yum!

My parents always get us the neatest Christmas presents. I think it’s a gift of theirs to give great gifts. Say that fast five times. One of my favorites was the Backnobber – this hard molded plastic thing that works the knots out of your back, neck, and shoulders. Highly recommended for those with tight … Read more

12 Mini Paleo Chocolate Recipes

12 Mini Paleo Chocolate Recipes - yum!!

So… Valentine’s Day is coming up. Yes, you could run out to the local drugstore and buy a pound of assorted chocolates. But where’s the fun in that? How about this: Check out these twelve Mini Paleo Chocolate recipes. Did you catch that, friends? Paleo + Chocolate in the same sentence. I think these recipes … Read more

Nourishing Chicken and Broccoli

Creamy, nourishing chicken and broccoli - what a great way to use the whole chicken!

Chicken and broccoli make a great team, don’t you think? This particular recipe takes a little advance preparation by roasting a chicken in the crock pot, but in the end you’ll wind up with a healthy chicken dish that takes advantage of every single part of your chicken! This recipe incorporates the flavorful taste of … Read more

And Here We Are… At the Table

and here we are

Have you ever truly loved a cookbook? I mean, every time you hold the cookbook in your hands, a surge of energy and warm memories flows through your fingertips? I’ve only had a few cookbooks do such a thing for me. And Here We Are at The Table – it’s one of those. I’ve only … Read more