Butternut Squash Porridge (Grain-Free)

Butternut Squash Porridge - a warm, grain-free breakfast treat!! Mmmm!!

We became very acquainted with butternut squash porridge during our recent stint on the GAPS Diet. I was happy about that; I didn’t really use butternut squash very much before the diet, but now we love to have it many different ways. My children’s favorite way to eat butternut squash, however, is a very simple recipe … Read more

GAPS Diet Update: 5 months

This freezer fudge whips up real quick! Paleo, GAPS, SCD. Yum!

It’s been 5 months since we began the GAPS Diet. I still can’t decide if that is – no, wait. Yes, it does feel like a long time. It feels like an eternity! But be that as it may, it’s time for a little GAPS update. We made it! Well, we made it to the … Read more

Coco-Sunbutter Freezer Fudge (Paleo, GAPS, SCD)

This freezer fudge whips up real quick! Paleo, GAPS, SCD. Yum!

Writer’s block. I had always heard of it, and yet never really personally experienced it. Writing is my love! My outlet, my passion. And when I can’t sit down and write, I kind of don’t know what to do with myself. So that’s been my story these past six weeks or so. . . writer’s … Read more

Week 15 on the GAPS Intro Diet

Mmm, acorn squash is like a dessert in our house! It's healthy...

A funny thing happens when you become a parent. Among other quirks that develop, you suddenly start referring to your children’s age in months. “My child? She’s 24 months.” Never mind that two years ago you would have called that “two years old”. That’s how I’m staring to feel about these GAPS updates. Week 15 … Read more

Acorn Squash Custard (paleo, GAPS)

Our family loves this custard! (Paleo, GAPS)

Yesterday I wrote about an easy way to make acorn squash. Well, next time you make some, make double, and use the rest to make this acorn squash custard! I made this for my 7 year old’s birthday, and we all loved it. This simple and delicious custard is gluten free, paleo, GAPS legal, as … Read more

How to Cook Acorn Squash For a Baby (Paleo, GAPS)

Mmm, acorn squash is like a dessert in our house! It's healthy...

Time for an easy recipe, perfect for busy moms with little ones. You see, things need to be easy around here. They don’t need to take much brain power, or effort, or energy, or anything else. Life is crazy enough as it is – that’s why my recipes are simple and I’m pretty sure they … Read more

What’s it Like on the GAPS Intro Diet?

What's it like on the GAPS intro diet?

If you’ve been following our family’s story, then you’ve definitely heard of the GAPS diet – more specifically, the GAPS Intro diet. The GAPS diet is a healing, grain-free, low-sugar, no-complex-starch diet that has been known to reverse many health problems such as allergies (food or seasonal), asthma, autism, IBS, ADD/ADHD, depression, schizophrenia, and many … Read more

The Ultimate GAPS Snacks Roundup

I'm always looking for GAPS-legal snacks and now here's a huge list to refer back to.

I’ve been meaning to do this post for months. Months, I tell you! And here I am – posting a GAPS snacks roundup the night before Easter. The last minute is my favorite motivator. 🙁 But it’ll be around for next year’s Easter, that’s for sure! (Maybe I’m just super early?) I’ve divided these snacks … Read more