22 Grain-Free Cake Recipes

22 Grain-Free Cake Recipes for your Next Celebration

Hey, just because you’ve decided to give up grains doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating! There are plenty of cakes out there that can be made without grains, and they taste delicious too.

So, for the next birthday in your life, or graduation, or whatever you happen to be celebrating, take a look at this list of delicious grain-free cake recipes and see which one suits your palate!

22 Grain-Free Cake Recipes

Raw Paleo Carrot Cake Squares from Green of the Stone Age
Gluten-Free Apple Funnel Cake from Nummy For My Tummy
Double Mocha Chocolate Cake from Healthy Living How To
Pineapple Dreams Coconut Cake from Fresh Planet Flavor
Rustic Apple Custard Cake from Plaid & Paleo
Strawberry Lemonade Cake from The Paleo Mama
Brown Butter Spice Cake [GAPS] from Hollywood Homestead
Gluten-Free Deep Chocolate Cake from Butter Nutrition
Cinnamon Hazelnut Date Cake from A Calculated Whisk


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22 Grain-Free Cake Recipes for your Next Celebration!

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