How to Dehydrate Watermelon (yes, you really can!)

How to make dehydrated watermelon - yes, you really can!

Have you ever dehydrated watermelon? Did you even know you could  dehydrate watermelon? As much as we love to dehydrate various foods, it wasn’t until this year that my husband decided to dehydrate some watermelon, when we were overflowing with it one evening. Turned out, it was a success, much like all of my husband’s … Read more

33 Most Delicious Healthy Dehydrator Recipes

33 healthy dehydrator recipes

Dehydrating is an amazing method of preserving food. I sometimes feel I can’t live without my dehydrator! 😉 Think of the times you have an overabundance of fruit or veggies on hand, and aren’t able to use them up before they go bad. Enter the dehydrator! Dehydrating is a superior method of food storage in … Read more