Healthy Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups

Healthy homemade fruit leather / fruit roll ups - sooo simple

I’m sure we all remember those bright red, flavorful, STICKY squares, wrapped in plastic, aptly named snacks, Fruit Roll-Ups. Well, did you know you can make your own flavorful, HEALTHY homemade fruit roll-ups? No trip to the store required. “How on earth can fruit roll-ups be healthy?” I’m sure you’re wondering. It’s because of the … Read more

How to Dehydrate Watermelon (yes, you really can!)

How to make dehydrated watermelon - yes, you really can!

Have you ever dehydrated watermelon? Did you even know you could  dehydrate watermelon? As much as we love to dehydrate various foods, it wasn’t until this year that my husband decided to dehydrate some watermelon, when we were overflowing with it one evening. Turned out, it was a success, much like all of my husband’s … Read more

16 Delicious Homemade Nut Butters

You can make your own homemade nut butters, just the way you like!!!

Healthy stuff is great, right? Sure. Sometimes, however, the healthy stuff you want, you can’t exactly find at the store. Or if you find it, it’s super expensive. Take, for example, coconut butter. Almond butter. Sprouted almond butter. Peanut butter with no sugar. Whatever it is, nut butters are usually either too hard to find or … Read more

33 Most Delicious Healthy Dehydrator Recipes

33 healthy dehydrator recipes

Dehydrating is an amazing method of preserving food. I sometimes feel I can’t live without my dehydrator! 😉 Think of the times you have an overabundance of fruit or veggies on hand, and aren’t able to use them up before they go bad. Enter the dehydrator! Dehydrating is a superior method of food storage in … Read more

How to Dehydrate Beets – Beet Chips

How to dehydrate beets and make your own beet chips!

Being on a special diet or healing protocol pretty much means any kind of fried potato chips (other than homemade) are out the window. (Especially on the GAPS diet protocol – no potatoes are allowed at all.) This is not really a bad thing. I’ve been reading lately about the levels of acrylamide in commercial … Read more

How to Dehydrate Kiwi

How to dehydrate kiwi - dried kiwi snacks

Hello there! You want to know something funny? One of my favorite snacks has always been sour gummy straws. You know, those sticky, mouth-puckering, strawberry-flavored straws coated in citric acid? The really healthy ones? Oh, er. . . maybe they’re not so healthy. But that’s why this is such a fun tutorial. Because – in … Read more

Making Tomato Powder

How to make tomato powder

So, you’ve just dehydrated the case of tomatoes you got from the local co-op, or your haul from the garden. What on earth do you do with dehydrated tomatoes? I’ll tell you what I do: make tomato powder. What is tomato powder? I’ll define tomato powder as pulverized, powdered dried tomatoes, kept in a cool … Read more

Homemade Coconut Flour

How to make your own coconut flour

Hello! Remember how we recently learned how to make our own coconut milk? Guess what is a natural, free byproduct of that simple process? Homemade coconut flour! Exciting, am I right? This process is even easier than the coconut milk. You’ll love it. But first, I’d love to tell you more about coconut flour. Goodness, … Read more