Maple Coco-Butter Popcorn – Dairy-Free

dairy free popcorn

Earlier this week I shared our family’s easy way of making our own popcorn at home. Ah, we love it! But there are truly endless ways to snazz up your plain popcorn. You really can let your imagination run wild. Today, I’m going to show you how I make what I’ve called Maple Coco-Butter Popcorn. … Read more

Pumpkin Fudge – Dairy & Egg Free, GAPS-Friendly

Pumpkin Fudge! Gluten/Dairy/Egg/Nut-Free! A family favorite!!

All right, folks. Let’s talk pumpkin. Specifically, pumpkin fudge. I’m pretty sure fudge is on everyone’s list of favorites. Creamy, super sweet, melts in your mouth. . . What’s not to love? You may also like: Eggless Pumpkin Fritters & Maple Glaze We associate fudge with the holidays, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, but what about the … Read more

Banana & Coconut Butter Sandwich – Kid Friendly!

Try a banana and coconut butter sandwich next snack time - you can use any fruit!

Nut allergies are so common these days. . . especially peanut allergies. (I guess the peanut is technically a legume, but for simplicity’s sake we’ll refer to it as a nut.) My children at this point cannot have peanuts. What a bummer! They don’t know that they’re missing yummy PB & J’s, peanut butter on … Read more