Quick and Easy Homemade Magnesium-Based Deodorant

magnesium deodorant in roller bottle with roses

You know, back when I started my blog in 2013, not a lot of information existed on the dangers of antiperspirants. I’m really so pleased that the word has spread and more and more are aware of the problems in commercial deodorant. Problems such as aluminum, parabens, etc. Through the years, I would mix together … Read more

DIY Eye Makeup Remover Tutorial [VIDEO]

DIY Eye Makeup Remover Tutorial [VIDEO] - .this looks sooo easy!!

Who wants an easy, fast way to nourish their eyelashes AND remove stubborn eye makeup? Did I mention this is ALL NATURAL? This DIY eye makeup remover recipe uses coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, and castor oil to nourish your eyelids and eyelashes, encouraging healthy, thicker, longer eyelashes. YAY. COCONUT OIL This is a wonderful … Read more