Pan Fried Balsamic New Potatoes

Yumm!! Pan-friend balsamic new potatoes - delicious!!

We have just recently reintroduced potatoes into our meals after a 6-month long potato hiatus (<— say that fast three times) while on the GAPS diet. (I will share more about our coming off of the GAPS diet very soon!) But oh, man! I’ve missed potatoes! So I was messing around in the kitchen and … Read more

Easy Keto Mashed Potatoes Substitute

Easy mashed potatoes substitute.

One of our favorite meals as a family is roast, mixed with mashed potatoes, and my grandma’s special sauerkraut recipe. We’re on the GAPS diet for now, which is a healing diet that limits sugar, grains, and starchy vegetables which = no potatoes. 🙁 Not even sweet potatoes. While that is a bummer, when life … Read more