17 Real Food Pumpkin Pie Recipes… that AREN’T Pie!

17 Real Food Pumpkin Pie Recipes... That AREN'T Pie!

  I don’t think I have to be the one to tell you about how awesome pumpkin pie is. Mmm! The epitome of fall season: soft, creamy, pumpkin-y goodness, either hot or cold! With whipped cream on top…     Yum.     But what if pumpkin pie was only a starting point for something … Read more

How to Make Hot Apple Cider using Essential Oils

How to make hot apple cider, with essential oils

So, one of my favorite holiday drinks happens to be hot apple cider. Yum! So autumn-y, so wintery, just warm and spicy and perfect. I used to have a recipe I would get out each Thanksgiving and Christmas, which involved several different spices and fruits, but this year I tried something different. Going in the … Read more

17 Real Food Holiday Drinks!

17 REAL FOOD holiday drinks!!

Well, that’s it. Count me worthless for the month of December. I mean, can you blame me? Christmas music…. Christmas lights…. Christmas trees, ornaments, gifts… Christmas crafts… the list goes on and on. And last but not least: Christmas DRINKS. REAL FOOD holiday drinks. Yes? Yes. Here you go. <3 Merry Christmas. 17 Real Food … Read more

Acorn Squash Custard (paleo, GAPS)

Our family loves this custard! (Paleo, GAPS)

Yesterday I wrote about an easy way to make acorn squash. Well, next time you make some, make double, and use the rest to make this acorn squash custard! I made this for my 7 year old’s birthday, and we all loved it. This simple and delicious custard is gluten free, paleo, GAPS legal, as … Read more

Cranberry Pumpkin Spice Milk – A Dairy-Free Holiday Drink

Cranberry Pumpkin Spice Milk - a warm, cozy holiday treat

  I guess it’s not too hard to think of the whole cold weather season, from around October to February, as one long holiday season. Why is that? Even though there are several holidays thrown together in that time period, I’m thinking it has a lot to do with the fact that the weather’s cold, … Read more

Pumpkin Pie Bars – Dairy-Free & Egg-Free

Pumpkin Pie Bars - Dairy/Egg-Free!

So it’s mid-October already, and I figured I needed to get this Pumpkin Pie Bars recipe up. This recipe is very similar to my Pumpkin Fudge; however, it makes a larger quantity and has a slightly different taste and texture since you are heating it up more. But we still think it tastes absolutely delicious. … Read more